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Its a short read but it looks like schools are discontinuing the use of cursive writing. I thought OMG how could they do that until I realized that I don't write cursive any more either. If I do hand write something I always print it by hand as it is more readable. Everything else is printed on the computer.

I know people that have beautiful hand-writing skills and their cursive script is awesome. But its not too many people that I know that can do that.

I have been working almost exclusively electronicly now for quite some time.  Every time I have to do some manual note taking, note leaving, or whatever, I find I have a hard time writing in general, not just cursive.  It's strange, because in high school and college, I had beautiful handwriting.  These days, I am lucky to get out some chicken scratch.

I reverted to a "mostly-print with cursive bits thrown in" style of hand writing when I was in high school.  It seemed more efficient to me at the time.  I've never truly understood the purpose of cursive writing.  Unless it an attempt at doing something close to calligraphy without the fancy pen?  "pretty writing"?  Shouldn't "readable writing" be the goal?  If that's the case, I fail miserably anyway but I'm not sad at all at the demise of cursive writing.

Ever read an old hand-written doc from colonial times?  the esses look like long f's.  Someday we'll look at standard cursive the same way.

Even when I used to write more, I printed instead of writing in cursive.  I found that print was easier to read especially when sharing/comparing notes in class.  I mean, if cursive were all that great, why aren't cursive fonts used more often than, say, Times New Roman, Arial, etc.?

*Cue old-school English teacher saying that, as a culture, we lost the art of writing, blah, blah, blah...*

And print is more legible than cursive anyway. (Although mine's certainly not the best.)


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