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Chinese customs regulation


I just saw this on the Wentek website. I wonder if this applies to all trade customers.

--- Quote ---2. Why do my orders have to be above US$5,000 if they are coming from China?
This is a customs regulation set down by the China government. This states that all order below US$5,000 must be routed through Hong Kong Customs before they can be sent to there final destinations. A fee of US$350 will be charged to all customers whose orders are below US$5,000.
--- End quote ---

could be worse. tried importing a norinco SKS recently?

Three or four years ago I bought some staffs ( not keyboards ) from Taiwanese company ( not a shop ), I payed only for items and shipping fee. No customs fee assessed on me.  I think the law may be applied only for trading between companies but not for buying from end users. Don't know if regulation has been changed.   How about asking them directly?

Thanks Sandy. When I contacted Strong Man about switches they didn't mention any custom fees.


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