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What Linux Distro do the Linux users of GH use?

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It says that there is no such file or directory.
This is a DVD and is clearly locked down very tight.

If you pasted that command it would say there's no file - you need to change /path/to/file.djvu to wherever the file is - you can drag the icon into the terminal if you're unsure.

I did a clean install of Mint 21 on my main desktop and things are going, well,  just barely OK ....

It seems like every time I go through something and it actually works - I can't get back there the next time. I have 2 monitors (I know, Linux loses its mind on dual monitors) and although the larger HDMI on the left is set as the primary and the smaller DVI on the right is set as the secondary, I can't get my toolbar onto the primary monitor. I know that it is possible because I somehow managed to get it to work under Mint 20.

Neither "Preferences/Display" nor right-clicking on the display mentions a method for moving these things around. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you. As always, I appreciate the help.

To set your main you have to set that screen as your main, that should bring the toolbar.
Then create a new one on the second screen.

Gnome 3 loses it's mind on dual screens, that also means Cinnamon and anything else based on it does.
KDE does not (at least not anymore).
Gnome 2 does not (as far as I know).

This fixed it on older KDE and I think Cinnamon, it was in an old troubleshooting sheet I had from when I had issues with duals. You may need to tailor it to your system.
go to .local/share/kscreen
Delete the file
go to etc/x11/xorg.conf.d/50-monitor.conf

if it doesn't exist
create 50-monitor.conf using text below. After restart select "extend to left"
Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "DisplayPort-0"
    Option      "Primary" "true"

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "DisplayPort-2"
    Option      "LeftOf" "DisplayPort-0"

I'm not a fan of Gnome 3 due to that reason right there, just want my panels to be as close to plug-n-play as possible.  Gnome 2, I have had few issues running with compatibility issues (mainly used the Mate environment).


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