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808-Boom has been affected by the severe congestion of cargo ships being held up at the Los Angeles Port causing heavy backups of containers waiting to unload. The new expected fulfillment date is projected to be late April/early May.

We received confirmation that the ship carrying TKC's container arrived at the port as of 3/15. Due to the congestion at the Los Angeles Port, the assigned date for our container to be loaded onto a rail transport is scheduled for 3/28. Please note, this date may be subject to change from the carrier.

Once the container is loaded onto a train and in transit, it takes approximately 15 days to reach the fulfillment center. TKC will email all group buy customers for address and/or order changes after the fulfillment team has received, unpacked, and processed all items from the container.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this matter. Thank you for your patience and I appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time!

I wanted to share with everyone here that the payment towards the charity has been processed. TheKey.Company was exceedingly generous and rounded their donation up more than $500 additional dollar to make it a full $7000 that went to Children's Music Fund - We are currently working with the charity to get a receipt of payment so we can share that with you and TKC is writing up a full blog post about the whole thing.

From the president of CMF, Ronda Grech:

"What a remarkable response to your custom design! Congratulations!! Your fans where so kind with providing their support too. We saw incredible traffic to our website on the promotion weekend and an increase in social followers.

On behalf of our board, volunteers, therapists, and most importantly, the amazing children we help, thank you for making a difference in their lives. Your generosity will provide 140 Music Therapy sessions to children in need. Please stay in touch. You will always be a part of our CMF Family."

Thank you to all who joined and supported the CMF in other ways. Big <3 to you[/size]

Welcome to the Group Buy thread for Infinikey 808-Boom! This buy is LIVE through August 14th.

There will be a Bass kit giveaway on 8/08! Please follow TheKey.Company, C.Y.O. Keycaps, and/or Langelandia for details.


TTYlerdurden of C.Y.O Keycaps, Thatcliff, and I have teamed up to bring y’all a keyset inspired by one of the most iconic devices in music production and beat making.

The device is a drum machine that was manufactured in the early 1980s and has continued to influence drum beats for decades. It was one of the first to allow producers to program beats instead of having to choose from preset sounds and patterns. It was discontinued from production after only 12,000 units were made. Between the difficulty of stocking the semiconductors used, and analog synthesis sounds being ahead of their time (pre-electronic/hip-hop), the machine was eventually replaced by a later model.

The device features some of the most recognizable percussion sounds in music history and has been used on more hit records (either originally, or through track sampling) than any other drum machine. The booming bass lines, crisp snare, classic cymbals, and renowned congas, cowbells, and handclaps are what make this machine's sounds so celebrated and sampled.

We are proud to say that we are partnering with Children’s Music Fund. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to bringing music therapy into the lives of sick children to help overcome pain, fear, and anxiety. We are donating 100% of designer profit. TheKey.Company is also adding to this amount so that each Bass Kit sale will give $10 directly to the Children's Music Fund, and a portion of the sales from every additional item sold will directly contribute to the Fund.

We set out to produce a set that we were passionate about, as well as use the power of design for a greater good. We spent a lot of time considering how to support 40s folks, as well as Alice layout users, and boards of all sizes. We strived to design this set in such a way that it remains visually consistent throughout almost any keyboard layout, yet also offers users a range of options. We appreciate your feedback and insights, and look forward to your support in the future as we look to take this set through group buy.


Initially, I had begun development with my brother on a similar set several months back; however, we hit a wall and let it sit to try and figure out how to execute it well. Recently, C.Y.O sent me a mockup of the set he was designing. We learned that we had been working on the same concept completely independently of one another! It was at that moment, we knew we had to team up. It’s funny how life works, eh?

Profile: Cherry
Sculpt: 1-1-2-3-4-4
Legends: Dye Sublimation
Plastic: Infinikey PBT
Estimated shipping to customers: January 2021

For the white and black, we've chosen very specific colors that are already used in the infinikey WoB and BoW sets so you can mix and match if you wish. Here are also some other sets that have used similar colors:

Slate: Pantone Cool Grey 8 CP, Pantone Cool Grey 10 XGC
Muted: Cool Gray 5 C, Cool Gray 1 C
GrayScale: Cool Gray 5 C, Cool Gray 1 C


TRAP KIT (Support)

CYMBALS (Novelties)

RHYTHM MAT (Deskpad)


If you want even more, here's the whole kit and caboodle.




The prototype has arrived and CYO and I have both approved the colors associated with the set. Here are some pictures.



  • Updated delivery timeline to customers 3.23.21

First and foremost HUGE thank you to NathanAlphaMan for his tireless commitment to excellence in renders. Without you the true vision of this set could not have been realized. Thank you for your GENEROUS donation of time, critical eye for detail and perfection, and utmost display of professionalism.
  • All of you lovely people who gave us feedback in the IC!!
  • TravCliff for the shared original inspiration for the set.
  • Special thanks to Chewwy, Osiris, Quakemz, Jae, Minterly, TheGlyph, Meatsmoothies, and Mr.Keebs. for all their late night critiques as we progressed through putting this together. Your thoughts and insights were invaluable, and we appreciate you!
  • Miguel Farah for ISO feedback
  • DiscoCroc you’re an absolute legend.
  • A personal note from Langelandia to CYO: You're one of the most talented humans on the earth and this set doesn't work at all without you. Thank you for everything. <3


If you’d like to support the set, feel free to add this to your signature (updating after first posting):
Code: [Select]
Thank you so much for looking through <3

Let's raise some money for sick kids!
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Looks great! Looking forward for it  :-*

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Looks great! Looking forward for it  :-*


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that deskmat will go great with the MicroKorg sitting on my desk <3 <3
RAMA U80-A Milk, Holy Panda, GMK9009

Waiting on:

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that deskmat will go great with the MicroKorg sitting on my desk <3 <3

I love love love the deskmat - and I agree, that'll be a nice combo =)

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Everyone needs to buy this set. It's way too sexy.

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when should I expect this be be up on switch keys?

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when should I expect this be be up on switch keys?

I just looked and it's up now. Sorry for any delays. All vendors should have the buy page up now.

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<-- progress
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Re: [GB] Infinikey 808-Boom - Group Buy Closed - Collecting Final Numbers
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Re: [GB] Infinikey 808-Boom - Group Buy Closed - Collecting Final Numbers
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I am glad that you made this set, sad to say I missed it. Hopefully I can catch some extras later on. Really lovely work!

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Re: [GB] Infinikey 808-Boom - Group Buy Closed - Collecting Final Numbers
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I missed out on this as well, wanted it so bad. Great set.

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Re: [GB] Infinikey 808-Boom (closed) Production in process & Donation Made
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bump for donation update

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Re: [GB] Infinikey 808-Boom (closed) Production in process & Donation Made
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bump for update to delivery timeline