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ABKO Hacker K995P V3 software?

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I am looking for the software for the ABKO Hacker K995P V3 board. I wasn't able to find it on the ABKO and ABKO/Hacker websites (also I don't speak/read Korean). Google got me nowhere so I'm out of options. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

I can't even find that board listed on their U.S. or Korean website (with Google translate). An old Reddit post mentions using Google translate to find the software, but maybe that product was removed at some point? You could try the Wayback Machine in conjunction with Google translate. It is blocked where I'm at currently.

Maledicted, thank you for trying. I too wasn't able to find this model on the ABKO\Hacker site. I'll look into Wayback later.

Do you know if there's any universal software for controlling keyboard led layouts?

I am pretty sure AKBO keyboards don't use software.


I made an account just to give you the link because I searched for hours and I couldn't find the software either. Some kind redditor who spoke Korean directed me to this link.

If you type in k995 you should be able to get the software. It takes some play to get the settings right but just know that you have to press the M key on your keyboard to have it go into the mode that you can use the settings that you input with the software.

Hope that helps!


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