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Hot-swappable, full ISO keyboard options?


I've been using my Filco Majestouch (MX Blue) since 2010, and always liked it although I think its a little loud and ringy. I recently started looking into switches again after trying some tactile ones which I really liked, one thing lead to another, and now I'm halfway down the rabbit hole that is mechanical keyboards again. And sweet jesus a lot of new options have emerged since 2010.

After reading a lot of threads and looking at a bunch of videos, Im leaning towards getting a barebone keyboard and trying out some different tactile switches (especially looking forward to trying Pandas).

Now, what are my options beside the GMMK if I'm looking for a barebone/hot-swappable, full ISO keyboard? Most I've seen are either TKL or smaller, or ANSI only.

Try damping your case and lubing the stabilizers first, it will rattle less. 

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