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--- Quote from: /gF on Thu, 04 August 2022, 06:23:38 ---Hi all. Unfortunately, I can not place an post "WTB". And I dont want to spam and write nonsense for 25 posts. Can someone help me post? No advertising, etc. Only on business!

--- End quote ---

I'm sure you can find a few threads that interest you that you could contribute to (ask questions, compliment someone's efforts, commiserate with others about the lofty prices of all things keyboards these days, etc). 

Thanks for having me!  :D

I am new here and just recently registered, But the registration process was very tough. The verification questions were very hard but somehow managed to register, Now I am happy that I can login. :D. ;D

O/ looking to build new 75% and find some pbts that suit my fancy

Vescovo Alessio:
Hi, I'm Alessio, an Italian typewriter restorer. I work on mechanical very old typewriters. If you are curious to see my business, this is my website: . 

Using my restored typewriters I realized that the layout of the old Italian QZERTY keyboards were much more comfortable to write in italian than the current american-italian QWERTY layout. Furthermore there's simbol very used in Italian that we can't write (, , , ). So the crazy Idea! I studied and patented a layout that combines the comfort of the old typewriter keyboard with the potential and necessity of a modern PC keyboard, to give Italians a product with which they can write italian language more comfortably. And so I'm approaching this crazy forum to make the first prototype.

The layout is based on the standard ISO 105, without led light for the keys, so I need the related PCB. I searched all over the web but 100% keyboard pcb are quite impossible to find. Seems like people want only little custom keyboard! I'm thinking of making it by myself... maybe someone has a project for 105 ISO PCB ?meanwhile I buyed 110 of cherry MX blue and related white keycaps set to print with a laser.

Un saluto dall'Italia! Alessio.


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