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Input Nirvana:
Just a few posts and almost all the mods I've done/talked about doing are already listed! Passionate crew!

1) Regarding keyboard layouts, yes it would be nice to have several options. I would still strongly suggest that blank keycaps be offered since so many people are professionals and touch typists and if someone wants a different layout they can have them layered or whatever.

2) Increasing the programability (although it's already the best out there), with the ability to have other layouts (Colemak) that don't get erased and macros that don't get erased if you change the layout.

I wish the Kinesis link in my sig had the pics :( I'll try to start adding them soon.

As a user who switches back and forth between laptop and desktop a lot, I'd like:
- TrackPoint
- Enter/delete, special characters in the "normal" qwerty locations (I don't mind the thumb cluster, I just don't want to have to use it for everything. Enter and delete throw me off quite a bit.
- Fully separable sides of the board (it's a little wide in the default configuration)

Input Nirvana:
- The ability for a user to create or switch on via programming a "KEYPAD" momentary key (not just the KEYPAD toggle) like the footswitch offers. Or add a key for this like I did on the left side so I can momentarily toggle for using the keypad with the right hand.

- I like the GUI idea for a visual and//or alternate way to select/modify all keyboard settings. If the firmware is made even more capable than it already will be too complicated to set, reset, check, remember, or even know everything you can do, etc. And have it show the settings of a plugged in footswitch.

- ODD IDEA: I put a 4 port usb hub inside the split Kinesis for the trackpoint and scrollball, and I also plugged in a flash drive. The idea was that if I took the keyboard to another location, I would have the users manual, colemak layout settings files for win/mac, A list of the configurations, macros, and remappings, AND, I would be able to copy files from wherever I was into the keyboard....the memory is built in! The main reason was that when the keyboard is plugged into a computer there is another drive and you would have whatever information you needed on that drive. Obviously a very niche idea, you can just have a flash drive and have it plugged into the keyboard as it is now. But provisions for on board memory or be sure to continue to have a 'hollow' for a flash drive to sit without getting knocked.

- Make the indicator LEDs color selectable (red, blue, green. yellow, orange), and keep them nicely muted like they are now. Some keyboards the things are WAY TOO BRIGHT!

- Have the 4 LEDs farther apart so you can know which is lit without having to look down....just peripheral glance based on location would be enough.

- Change the connection for the footswitch from a male dongle sticking out of the back to a female plug-in, eliminate the extra female-female adapter, just plug the footswitch directly into the keyboard. I think Model #100 did this?

- Be sure not to use any buttons, switches, levers, or dip switches (ancient technology).

- Keep the plastic label on the bottom with the model and serial number. Lose the second label with the "instant configuration settings info" or if you must keep it, make it plastic, it's not much value when the printing wears off.

- The palm pads....maybe a dense memory foam or neoprene...

Blank keycaps (preferably PBT) is all I require.  Otherwise, it is pretty much perfect for my needs.  ;)

We still have a couple sets of blank keycaps in inventory (black, $39). ABS, though. We are currently looking into several different possibilities for keycaps in the future. It's been a bit of challenge finding a factory that can do exactly what we would like.

Really appreciate all the great suggestions so far! 


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