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Lightest switches for MOUSE please!

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 I want the lightest switches possible. Below 75g definitely.
Is there any options?

D2FC -F (-F is the spring rate) has a 75g actuation force, most mice are actually double that. More info here.

This is the lowest you will get and you may want to rethink that plan, mice are not the same as a keyboard, you don't rest your fingers in the same manner. The G900 and G903 have some of the lightest switch action I've come across in a mouse, so light that I've talked to quite a few owners who have issues with accidental clicks.

no its not the lightest, silly.
This is the standard switch for gaming mice. I wouodnt ask here if I wanna buy annother logitech mouse. Geeze!


D2F is a standard, it's like a saying USB compatible or 100k through hole resistor, it's not a model name, it's the standard switch type for pretty much all mice, not just Logitech (guess what Razer brand mouse switches are). The only thing I've seen that didn't use them was extremely cheap laptop mice and a few trackballs so good luck finding a good gaming mouse or even a good office mouse that doesn't use Omron D2F, and even fewer that don't use D2F.

Omron is generally considered the best D2F switch, the lightest Omron D2F is the -F model, you might find a lighter D2F but it won't be made by Omron.  I did the research, it's all documented on the link it my last post.

Also, one reason the G900/903 is so sensitive is because it uses actual hinges instead of flexing the mouse body to activate the switch, you would be surprised how much this adds to the pressure required to activate a switch. I haven't tested it, but just an off the wall guess I'd say it adds at least another 30grams. Want lighter switches, find a mouse that uses actual hinges, but beware the warning in my last post about accidental clicks, it's very real.

im still lokking for a lighter click mouse

pls help


btw if i have to answer tese verification questions again im gonna delete this account.


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