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Scratchiness 1 Week in?


I just got a Matias Tactile Pro less than a week ago.

When it arrived, I noticed that the 0 key on the numpad wasn't activating properly (stiffness with some scratchiness), though after examination, I just had to pull up on the key with a keypuller, and its been working okay *95% of the time*. I notice it going back to stiffness occasionally. 

Now though, I'm noticing the alpha switches are becoming *stiffer and scratchier* every day.
The stiffness seems to now mirror what was occurring with the 0 key.

Has anyone else experienced this with Matias Click switches or this board?
Never had an experience like this with another Mechanical board in this price range.

Gotta be honest, not exactly inspiring confidence in the build quality.

I'm late. I don't look in this section often. I have not noticed this problem with the clicky switches in their mini "tactile" pro keyboards. I don't have any of the full-sized boards though. The only switch type I have noticed to not feel like butter is their dampened tactile switches. People say that some of the problems with Matias switches can be a combination of extremely tight tolerances between slider and housing and maybe misaligned switch legs during soldering.


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