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Spray Lubing switches - A guide

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Can a mod pin this  :)

So true. I see people ruining their boards on the daily, hopefully this will help put a stop to it.

Bump to get attention from moderators day 1  :)

Yeah, I saw that video of that guy spraying lubing, a pretty well viewed enthusiast on YouTube, as well. Not huge,but they get a few thousand views on each video, and I was thinking to myself that too many people are:

1. Going to ruin their PCBs.
2. Destroy other property
3. Give themself cancer. 

Perhaps they deserve it if they're dumb enough to try spray lubing. 

I really wish the dude would remove that video, for real.  He may be able to do it and be happy with it, but I don't feel like most others will be happy with the results.   You have to be responsible for what you put out.

Thank you for saying what I wanted to say for a long time.


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