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Hi to all you keyboard fans!

I am Michael, but my friends call me Maki (because I do NOT like the sushi with the same name) and I am a cat-lover while "Katze" is the German word for cat, so my nickname makikatze was born :)
So, as you can see, I am from Germany, to be more specific, from southern Bavaria, near the border to Austria.

I'm fairly new to the custom keyboard game and just bought a GMMK Pro in ISO layout to start with. Let's see where this will go. I work as a software engineer and in my free time I am a pyrotechnician and kind of "beer sommelier" as hobby. So yeah, my interests are manifold, I'd say. But as a fireworks enthusiast I know that those hobbies can get expensive very quickly and though I often switch my main hobby (I often spend months only for one hobby before switching to one of the other interests I have) I tend to stick with most of them. So, whenever you think I am absent for quite a long time, you can probably count on my return. Maybe after a week, a month or even a year. But I will be back!

Well, that's quite a weird introduction as for now, I am simply starting with custom keyboards, so let's see where this is going. I wish you all the best I can, so hopefully I am your "lucky cat". Let's see what I can bring into this community and what the community can give to me ;)

Have a good one,

fun, nice to meet you
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