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Hey there! I'm Kayden from Kayden's Keycaps


Hey I'm Kayden!

My name is Kayden, and I love all things keyboards! I am the owner of Kayden's Keycaps, which makes artisan/resin keycaps, specializing in unique profiles such as MT3, DSA, XDA, and more! Im 18 years old and live in Calgary, AB, Canada. I've used geekhack without an account in the past and figured this would be a great way to show my keycaps to the world and gain new customers :). If you need any replacement keys of any size in any profile then let me know and I should be able to help you! Some new keycaps ive been working on are MT3 and split spacebar keycaps including convex 3U, 2.25U, and 2.75U. I'm happy to be apart of this community and learn about some new keyboards!

My shops! Website is a work in progress :)
Nice to meet you Kayden! Super cool keycaps you're making!


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