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An Introduction to hopefully something beautiful


Well, hello there,

Iíve come in here with in hopes of suggesting something, and introducing it to people and hopefully there are enough eyes on this that the right ones will see it, construct their own ideas from it, and bring about this vision Iíve been pondering on. Iím not here to only introduce myself but to hopefully expose an idea for someone out there who is passionate enough and capable of extracting this thought and making it to something tangible.

Letís start with a story.
A little while back I pledged 4 euros to this small project called Steam Deck, to be hopefully able to order for my father a hand-held console. My father has never been a huge gamer of sorts, occasional coins tossed on the slot machines but thatís about as far as heíd go. As a young adult, he had purchased for himself a console called Playstation 1, which shortly after I inherited since work came first and money was stretched thin. Fast forward to present time, I decided to as gesture of good faith to purchase for him Steam Deck to hopefully liven his gamer instincts back up. Unfortunately, he is not very well accustoming to using controllers due to years lack of game experimentation. Our main portable have for the most part in this household been laptops until I became the age of reason. Nothing to worry about tho, as Steam Deck fortunately also has itís Docking station that allows for far more casual use of the device. Unfortunately, yet again, this is where some problems have started to arise. The accessories to make the use of the product more familiar are too little and lacking in their quality. This is where my idea of taking this concept out to the public and in these forums came about.
Personally Iím very casual scroller usually, I heavily dislike writing or reading a lot, but I decided to give this a chance. Because if there are enough individuals with similar problems, this is where actual geniuses can take advantage of relatively niche marketÖ And hopefully there is a market for this idea since Iíd feel pretty stupid in writing all of this otherwise.

So, without further ado, letís begin to construct the concept.
My idea is of keyboard (surprise, I know), slim and light but sturdy, aluminum with sand blasted finish and texture along with coat of paint brushed to something like dark greenÖ Itís optional but hey, gun metal finish looks good also in most products. Keyboard, similar to Logitech G915 TKL with hot-swappable pcb and low profile MX style switches. And now, to the ďpiece de la resistanceĒ, connectors located on both east and west, left and right hand sides of the keyboard that enable quick connecting and sturdy locking mechanism to an accessory, whether that would be the numb pad, or specifically in this case, a ďSensel Force Haptic TouchpadĒ. Both Bluetooth and USB receivers could be utilized for wireless connection, and USB-C cable for charging and potential driver updates.
Additionally this could also come with detachable and replaceable, and different sized feets to allow different angling. Add some custom low profile PBT keycapsÖ AND BY LORD, PLEASE add Nordic style layout as I come from Finland and itís very hard for me to have good things.

With that all being said, thereís loads more to improve on this concept and please do. As for me, this is it and this is as far as my imagination goes.
I want to thank you for reading this ramble, or if you decided to run this all through Text to Speech because youíre lazy or busy person, hey, I donít judge.
All jokes a side, if this could ever be developed, that would be some what of an dream keyboard to me, or rather for me to give to my dad.

Thatís it, have a great day and very happy Christmas.

it would be very hard to make and even if possible it would be very expensive thing, especially as demand on it would be pretty smalll. i also don't recall anyone doing commision products for anyone. cnc on small scale is expensive af all the elctronics would propably also be expensive, getting 2.4g or bluetooth on aluminium is very rare and very few keyboards use it also there are royalties for 2.4g i think so its even harder. custom keycaps for this project are also pretty hard because as i looked for injection molding services online minimum order is 1000pcs for 1 mold you would have to order and sell 1000 keyboards



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