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Where to ask questions about the MK Vendor Trust and Safety System?


As it appears everybody involved has died in a terrible plane crash. Or so, I don't know.

I registred several weeks back and haven't heard anything. Last update of the site was back in march.

My question is:
May I post my IC on r/mk, without getting smashed with the ban hammer, even tough my registration on the MK Vendor Trust and Safety System has not yet been confirmed?

I mean it's only an IC. I'm not (yet) asking for people's money.

We're all still alive! This thread is a good dumping ground for any questions, if anyone comes across this in the future.

As for your particular question, you are correct - ICs are unaffected by the trust system, for a variety of reasons. Designers often post their own ICs prior to any vendor involvement, no money trading hands, etc. You're all good. :thumb:

Sorry, didn't saw that thread. And thank you for the reply!


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