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What your fav mouse?

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--- Quote from: transeurasian on Mon, 25 December 2023, 11:57:16 ---Logitech G1 cuz I have small hands :rolleyes:

--- End quote ---

But I own 2 other logitechs. G302 and G Pro.

For office and CAD work they seem small enough to be moved in your palm, without having to move the arm at all.

I am left handed ..but switch back and forth between left and right handed mousing(??)      For what seems like ever at this point I have used a Steelseries Sensei of some sort or other..

orig Sensei / Sensei MLG / Sensei 310 / currently Sensei Ten

I have big hands and a palm grip the Sensei accommodates this well.

best mouse to me, logitech g pro superlight. this mouse is seriously a game-changer.

its ergonomic design molded perfectly to my hand, the surface texture is ok but could be better, every click is a responsive. it's like it was custom-made just for me. i can't imagine using anything else now, worth every penny

Logitech MX Master 3s at home, MX Master 3 at the office.
Both configured in freespinning mode.

I don't really have a favorite, but I like the logitech g600


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