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Using Heatware with Geekhack

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1) Please enter "other.." on the drop-down and enter "geekhack" in the text box as the name of the forum when you leave feedback. If we can show them the volume of business we do on geekhack, they will add us to the drop-down list :)

2) I've added an entry for your heatware user-id to your forum profile. This will cause a link to display under your avatar (which looks like this: ) that links to your heatware evaluations page.

How do I obtain my heatware user-id?

Glad you asked! Your user-id is the number which follows the string "id=" in the arguments to the heatware php app. As an example, here is the url to my heatware evaluation page:

Hence, my heatware user-id is 67134, and that is what I will enter into the new profile field.

Thanks folks!

Ok cool, I was about to ask or suggest something about heatware.


--- Quote from: mkawa_ on Sun, 05 August 2012, 22:19:38 --- iTrader (the previous feedback mechanism we used) will NOT be coming back.

--- End quote ---

That blows...on to heatwave now

tbh it should have been this way from the beginning; heatware is the de facto standard feedback mechanism for every other pc enthusiast site. there's simply no compelling reason for us to have a separate feedback mechanism, particularly with our extremely low loss rates (basically nil).

Can we expect some kind of better integration than a link in our sigs?


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