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Q0: What is your website?

Q1: Which keyboards are compatible with these keycaps?
-Our custom keycaps are only compatible with Cherry MX keyboards. Here is a list of a some compatible keyboards.

                 1. Filco Majestouch 1 / 2

                 2. Leopold

                 3. Razer BlackWidow / Ultimate

                 4. SteelSeries 6vG2 / 7G

                 5. Das Keyboards

                 6. WASD Keyboards

Q2: How do I know if my Keyboard is a Cherry MX Switch Keyboard?
-As long as your keyboard contains the standard cross-shaped Cherry MX switches(color does not matter), then you have a Cherry MX compatible board.

Q3: Which Row will these keycaps fit on?
-All of our custom keycaps fit on Row 1 which includes the Esc, F1-F8, Insert, and Home Keys.
We currently utilize Signature Plastic's method of distinguishing keycap rows.

Q3: Are these doubleshot keycaps?
-Yes all of our keycaps are doubleshot molded and are made of ABS plastic. This combination produces one of the highest quality keycaps, with its legends being resistant to scratching and even sandpapering.

Q4: Do you have any other keycap designs?
-Yes, we are ALWAYS in the process of making new designs. We will always be uploading upcoming and recent designs on here and to our email subscribers!

Q5: Is there a discount for bulk orders?
-Yes, please email all bulk order enquiries to or private message me here on Geekhack!

Q6: Do you do group buys?
-Not currently. We will be running some group buys in the future once everything is settled.

Q7: How long does shipping normally take?
-For international orders, shipping can take anywhere from 1 week to 5 weeks. This depends entirely on the country and it's customs.
For USA orders, all orders should arrive within 2-5 days.

Q8: Will you be selling Topre keycaps?
-Yes, we are currently working towards bringing topre keycaps to our store but it may take some time. Please be patient with us!

Q9: Do you host contests and free giveaways?
-Yes, we host a contest through our weekly email newsletter which can be subscribed to at our website's front page. Prizes include anything from free shipping to free keycaps. If you're too lazy to subscribe feel free to check out our giveaway/contest topic here

Q10: I have a design in mind that I would like to see produced. Can you help me?
-Of course! Submit your designs to via email or contact us here via PM!

Q11: Do you run this store by yourself?
-Yes for the most part. I have a partner who helps me run the business.

Q12: My question isn't listed here
-Feel free to submit any and all questions to us via PM or email!


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