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Whiskey in the Jar-o:
According to the wiki, white Alps sliders are 'audible click' and black is 'tactile feel'. What's the feel difference between the two?  BTW, my Northgate Evolution has white ones, and they are definitely clicky, as in audible, and have a definite 'make' point that you can feel. Too bad I can't help hitting bottom after that point.

I don't know...I don't own an Alps-slider-equipped keyboard.  (well, actually, I just hasn't arrived yet)  :)

The Alps white sliders used in the Northgate Omnikeys are definitely clicky. I have one 'board with pink and two with black Alps sliders, and all of them are tactile and loud. I found the same info iMav did, so who knows. I guess one of us needs to try out the other sliders to know what's up.


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