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In remembrance: Smallfry aka Nathan W.

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The staff received this message from Smallfry's father.

"Two weeks ago [on the 14th], Nathan (SmallFry) was struck by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  He spent the last two weeks fighting his injury, but passed away yesterday.  [text specific to jwaz]"

Sorry, I'm breaking up here, but I'm going to do my best to start this off.

Smallfry was one of our most active, rambuctious, at times brilliant, but always always ambitious and sorry.. I actually need a second here.

Smallfry was one of our most energetic posters, and there is no question in my mind at all that he was one of the main pillars of this community. His positive energy, willingness and eagerness to help, his spirit contributed so much positivity to the forum.. There is no question he will be missed by many; everyone on staff, and I know many of you out there were very close to him as well.

OK, sorry, that's all I can get out right now.

Nate's father passed on this link to us.

Please leave your messages of grief and whatever other feelings this might bring up both here and there, but there especially, as his family is focused on that site.

I can tell you definitively that Nate will be missed on geekhack, quite viscerally, and I can only imagine what his family is going through right now. We will organize something a bit more organized shortly. In
the meantime, please use this thread to leave your thoughts on geekhack.


added 9:13a PDT. I highly encourage you to collect your thoughts, process what you need to process and leave both messages here for the community, so we can grieve together, and messages for his family on caringbridge, as they have likely been grieving for weeks now. Unfortunately, I know from experience that the family is often unaware of all of whom their child has touched and every message from someone who was close to their child, even years later, can help them process their overwhelming loss.

added 9:17a PDT. JesusWasAZombie Atakp has been in contact with Nate's father. Please contact Jwaz Atakp directly if you have more private messages for his family. Atakp:;u=23252

added 10:22a PDT.

added 10:41a PDT. We were going to make this a big announcements with fanfair for the anniversary, but I think it is more appropriate make it a small announcement. The first Cherry legend set from Signature Plastics will be a white/orange polycarbonate and ABS set named "Nathan's set". We will cut extra legends to commemorate smallfry's life and contributions. Group buy information will be announced at a later date. Thanks to Kaporkle and |3oilermaker for the renders.

added 1:10p PDT. two commemorative key legend ideas: a small fries, his avatar (dyesub, graphics were i think drawn by moonprismpwr)

added 6:22a PDT, 6/20. nate's family will almost certainly be reading this page and is sensitive to graphic and vulgar language. you may feel that way (i sure do), but please refrain from using such language in the thread. thanks guys and gals. we will be moderating this thread in case you forget.

added 8:20a PDT. PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE IN CONTACT WITH MR. W. PLEASE we are starting to organize and we want to make sure 110% that we respect and fulfill the family's wishes.

8:30a. smallfry is officially a moderator emeritus.

I am speechless...

Wow...I don't know what to say. Smallfry took me under his wing when I first joined GH. I actually got to meet him in real life at the Chicago meet earlier this year and I still have the stuff he traded me...He was really happy with the monitor he got. And he was supposed to help me set up this server.

I'm actually very shocked...that's really sad news :(

I don't know him well, but I remember his avatar... I will pay my respect.

I am amazed how well he is connected to this community, that his father actually contacted us and passed on the message...


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