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MoreKOTM Announcement thread

Hello everyone. I am using current events to take the opportunity to create this thread for announcements about KOTM such as rule changes, and anything else that would affect my ability to conduct this competition.

This is only so things I post don't get lost in the nomination or poll thread, and I have a timeline to refer to.

If you are unfamiliar with the Keyboard of the Month process, please read the following rules:

1.   A nomination thread will go up for the last week of the month in question, and the first week of the following month. So for example, the nomination thread for January goes up around the 25th of January, then lasts until around the 7th of February. You can nominate anybody you like other than INCLUDING yourself, and any person can have any number of nominations every month.

a.   These boards should be ones you are drawn to, ones that stand out for one reason or another. Keysets, modifications, whatever you fancy. I donít want to have to post guidelines or restrictions on the boards, but I may change this depending on the types of submissions we get over the first few months. Please also say a little bit about each board you nominate, as to the reasons why you think it deserves to be up for KOTM.

b.   The board must have been posted to the forums since the start of the calendar month. It can have been posted before then, but you must provide a link to the images that were posted after the first day of the calendar month.

c.  If you are nominating a user-built projects, please refrain from nominating them until after the project is finished, otherwise they have the potential to win multiple months with the same board.

2.   However, after the initial two week period of nominations, a user will only have ONE board get through to the final public voting process. The final three nominees will be selected by myself from the most nominated and praised board in the nomination thread. E.G. If one board is posted and has the most +1s, quotes or references  by other users in said thread, that will be chosen as one of the final three. Essentially, there is a crowd unofficial voting before the public voting. The final three are not up to me, they are up to you.

3.   PLEASE post some good quality photos of the board you are nominating. Iím not looking for Macro lenses and DSLRs, but maybe more than one, top down, blurry shot would be nice. I realise if it isn't your board there isn't much you can do about it, but just pick a couple that aren't terrible from an album or post.

4.   In the second week of every month, a poll thread will go up. This will consist of three finalists. You can of course be nominated on another month. There will be one vote per person, and the results will remain anonymous until the voting closes.

5.   After a period of one week, the voting will be closed and a winner will be announced. The winner will be posted on the following month's nominations thread.

6.   The winner of each monthly process will go through to the ANNUAL KEYBOARD OF THE YEAR process, the winner of which receives a lovely laser cut glass trophy! The monthly winners will get a sticker or two as well.


1. The Keyboard of the Year vote will go out after the final winner has been decided. This will now be run concurrently with the nomination thread of the first month of the next year. So KOTY 2016 will be run during the month of January 2017 along side the nomination thread for KOTM for January 2017.

2. Each user will be given three votes. Twelve boards is a lot to choose from, and it makes it a lot easier to decide which has the most appreciation by giving everyone more than one vote. You don't have to use all of them, but you will get no more than three.

3. The vote will run for 10 days to allow for more users to join in the final big vote

Hello friends,

So after the best part of six years, I am shutting up shop on Keyboard of the Month.

It's been a very interesting time since I saw the uproar over a Poker 2 with half black and half white keys win Keyboard of the Month over on OCN and decided to start my own. We've had a few format changes, some refining of the rules, and some prizes, but I think we had a good thing going for a while for sure. I had a lot of stops and starts for quite a few reasons over the years, and I appreciate all of your patience with me while I appeared and disappeared.

Before I go, I want to take the time to single out some boards that stood out to me over the years. In no particular order, I want to remind you all of the following creations:

Lastpilot's GON (our very first winner)
Bazh's Codename: Weaven
Pr0ximity's Zenith green SKCL Alps restoration project
Kurplop's Planet 6
Yesguchi's vertical ergo prototype
AfroKobe's E6-V2 (RIP)
JesusFreke's Lalboard
Special thanks to;

Sifo, funderburker, suicidal_orange, and richfiles - Thank you for nominating and being present on threads throughout
Tigersharkdude and Lastpilot - Thank you both for your designs for the Keyboard of the Month stickers. Thank you to TSD for showing me, and thanks to Lastpilot for creating the great design I used on the trophies.
E3E, pr0ximity, and LightningXI - Thank you for your great boards that were deserved winners month after month.
Infiniti - Thank you for printing the stickers when nobody else would or could, and thank you for contributing your own design to the stickers!
Thanks also to the mods for being open to the idea in the first place, and letting me roam free with my own child board.

Finally, thanks to all of you who has ever nominated a board. Every self nomination, every search through the media threads, the build threads, and every question as to if you can nominate your board. It is this pride in your work and your admiration of others that makes our community so great. Going through the old threads has brought up a lot of great memories, and names of some people I miss. My discord is in my signature, and my PMs will still be monitored for any of you who wish to keep in touch as I continue to be inactive on here.

I have messaged the mods to tell them of my desire to close down this child board, so eventually this will be moved somewhere else. Hopefully it can still stick around so we can keep records of these great boards.

Thank you all, for everything.



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