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user 18:
This forum is for feedback on artisans. All artisans are required to create a thread here, and link that thread in the OP of their artisan thread, or in a sticky in their artisan subforum. Artisans are encouraged to address feedback where necessary. Feedback in this area may be used in the artisan review process.

user 18:
Feedback & Discussion:

Moderation Team:
To be clear, the Feedback threads are for critiquing transactions made with the artisan of the thread.  All discussion of opinions are to be made in separate locations.

This subforum is a product of numerous requests by users to have a way of tracking transaction history between users.  Any and all off topic posts will be moderated without warning.

Moderation Team:
Here is an example OP for your feedback thread.  You may use this directly, or modify it to fit you specifically.

--- Code: ---Welcome to my Artisan Feedback thread!

Please do not hesitate to share your transaction experience with [me/us] here.   Please keep all posts on topic, and include factual information.

I hope you have a good day.
--- End code ---


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