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Pheilcia XDA series


Hello, guys, Thanks for your support during the last 3 months .We finally work out the XDA version keycap with Dye-Sub printing and PBT material. Here is same sample of that.
The Galaxy X . In memory of Galaxy series keycap(Which is first kind of our dye_sub keycap)
The Japanese story. The lovely keyset we've made. We add lots of Japanese elements in it.You'll fell in love with it.
The Pyramid. Our designer use yellow and white color makes the keycap looks stunning.

We’ve been testing apply Dye-Sub process in XDA keycap since last year. It’s really tough to print perfect pattern on round plastic buttons like PBT keycap. However, Chinese have the industrious nature. We finally managed to make perfect XDA keycap after hundreds of failures. Combining with our Dye-Sub printing process, the keyset looks totally different. Without obvious angle, it makes you feel comfortable, just like a gentleman or lady who is both polite and gentle. It also reminds me of panda BaoBao.  BaoBao’s leaving broken the heart of lots of American friends. I think human born to like something like something round. Chinese panda become a perfect cute animal, equipped with round face, round ear, round black eyes, the plump body....  they stole people’s heart easily. So, I think that is why does many mechanical keyboard fans keen on XDA , SA and DSA keycap. The galaxy X is the first XDA keyset we make out in memory of our galaxy series keysets. Just like Nike Air Jordan 1, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, Or the Porsche 911. Galaxy series is the most classical keycap we’ve ever made. I still remember our first keyset Galaxy A keysets sold over 550 in Massdrop last year. So, we promote the galaxy X to represent the new chapter our keycap making while in memory of our old classic galaxy series.

Compatible switches: Cherry MX switches and related clones
Keycap Material: PBT
Layout: ANSI Standard[104 or 108 key]
Profile: XDA, OEM, or Cherry
Print: Black Dye Sublimation or White    [INSERT DYE PROCESS HERE]
Worldwide shipping is free as always!
I will send out your invoice within 2 days of receiving your order.
If you want to change your order or have any problems please contact us!
It usually takes 15 days for you to receive your package.
Packages ship from China. 
Your absolute satisfaction is our unrelenting pursuit!

Those are beautiful keys—congratulations!

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