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Need a guide for compiling QMK for Zeal60

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I don't use Windows. I'm used to programming my Satan boards with TMK, but have never used QMK. There's a link to a fork, but the fork doesn't even have a zeal60 subdirectory under keyboards.

Is there a guide that connects some dots for me without trying to force me to use a for-pay OS?

I think  you need to switch to the zeal60 branch or follow this link :

Depends on how/when the commits were made. You'll want to use Wilba's repo that eeymiel linked. You'll either run

--- Code: ---make zeal60:default
--- End code ---

while in the main QMK directory, or switch to qmk_firmware\keyboards\zeal60 and run

--- Code: ---make default
--- End code ---

Optionally replacing 'default' with the keymap you'd choose.

Make sure you have your dependencies set up, you can find them in the qmk_firmware\util directory. There's directions for that on the QMK website:

This is really weird, but when I clone the repo I don't have the keyboards/zeal60 directory... That's what confused me. Guess I need to solve that problem first.
(Yes, I cloned the fork, not the parent repo...)

You have to switch to the zeal60 branch.
git checkout zeal60


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