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DSS Carpinteria
Inspired by (and adapted from) a sunset over Carpinteria, CA

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Group Buy date confirmed: June 3 to July 8

Rendered by Izeri

The base kit includes support for a variety of boards from 60 to TKL, including Alice, UK ISO, and F13.

The numpad kit includes support for full-size and 1800 boards (in conjunction with the base kit) and standalone numpads.

The accent kit adds a pop of color to your board -- more orange, the same one found in the legends.

The 40s kit adds support for a variety of popular and obscure 40s and Ortho boards, notably including the Minivan.

The Mac kit adds legend-correct support for Mac layouts, including F14 and F15 to replace some top-row modifiers.

The NorDe kit offers affordable support for a variety of European layouts, including Swedish, Finnish, German, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, and Faeroese.

The spacebar kit includes a 6u convex bar, as well as 1.25u blanks for 6.25u split layouts. An additional 1u blank and two 3u blanks are included for a 3-1-3 split.

These novelties -- designed by Stellaidoscope -- aim to bring the set beyond just a colorscheme, featuring drawings of scenes from Carpinteria alongside classic weather icons.

Rendered by pwade3.


Satisfaction75 by Upas


Maja by Vulcan


TKL ONE by Hiney

Rendered by Izeri.

Aki-S by ThicThock


Iron165 by Smith and Rune

Designed by Stellaidoscope.



KTT Switches
These aren’t renders -- these are photos by the amazing Lovecraft!


-Based off of the KTT Matcha switch
-5 pin housing
-50g long spring
-Manufactured by KTT


Metal Artisans: Asero Foundry
- R1 DSS profile
- Aluminium
- Orange infil

Resin Artisans: Amusing Atelier
Details to come.

Cables: Digital Aaron’s Customs


AlphasRAL 5003Alpha LegendsRAL 1034ModsRAL 7021Mod LegendsRAL 1034AccentRAL 1034Accent LegendsRAL 7021

About DSS Profile
Click MORE for more information
MoreDSS profile was created by Comptec Inc (now known as Signature Plastics) to fit the universal keycap standards introduced in the mid-80s. Fading out of the spotlight shortly after in favor of its uniform brother DSA, DSS was considered lost to history until its reintroduction in the late 2010s.

Featuring a spherical top (similar to DSA), DSS is sculpted profile, much like the Cherry and SA profiles in that regard. Made from ABS plastic, DSS offers a unique typing experience. If you’ve ever wished that your DSA keycaps were sculpted, your GMK keycaps were spherical, or you just want to try something new… DSS may be right for you.

DSS Carpinteria uses a 1-1-2-3-4-3 sculpt.

To compare DSS to your favorite keycap profiles, check out

Further Reading:
SP’s DSS Spec Sheet
SP’s History of Keycap Families

Note: As SP does not offer split spacebars in the DSS profile, DSA blanks are offered as an alternative in the base, 40s, and spacebar kits.


* United States: 3DKeebs →
* Canada: AlphaKeys →
* Europe: MyKeyboard →
* United Kingdom: Prototypist →
* Latin America: Fancy Customs →
* Mexico: Rheset →
* Oceania: SwitchKeys →
* Southeast Asia: iLumKB →
* India: Rectangles →
* Philippines: Zion Studios →
* Japan: Basekeys →
* China: zFrontier →
* Rest of World: zFrontier →

Remaining Pricing Coming Soon

Group Buy from June 3 to July 8 2021!

Thanks to
* Liz, Misono, MakerJake, and Izeri for the of renders, and Rayhhdailo for labeling one of the rounds of kit renders.
* NoPunIn10Did, DrHigsby, Alas, and more for the kitting help.
* Stellaidoscope/Sera for the amazing novelties and deskmats. Your work truly made this set complete.
* The vendors -- all 13 of them -- for everything you’ve done to make this possible. I never expected to this project to get this far.
* Vala for being an invaluable source of feedback and encouragement. From those early days in which I was using hex codes picked from a photo… up until now… thank you for all you did to help make this set a reality.
* Mirubere for responding to all my late-night DMs with questions I never thought I'd need answered.
* Lovecraft for being an amazing friend and for taking the switch and cable photos. Its been wonderful getting to know you these past few months… you’ve helped me more than you could ever know.
* Spoopysaurus who told me that this was even possible and reacted with the best possible nitro emotes to my scuffed DIY renders… even at 3AM. I :kyuclap: to you, my friend!
* Davis (founder of 3DKeebs) for letting me focus-group Carpinteria in her server… even back when it was just a Dakota Felder render with some hex codes. Thank you for believing in that set and agreeing to run it. You're an amazing person and I've loved working with you and being a mod in your server.

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Discord →
I will be using the #dss-carpinteria channel in the server for this IC. I’m @acitrin#5215 on Discord.

IC Form →


2/3/2021IC Posted2/9/2021Vendor List Updated2/16/2021Added Prototypist for UK, working on securing a GB date with vendors2/22/2021Working on revised renders and reformatted some parts of the IC2/26/2021Entirely revamped the IC post, added banner by Vala. I'm still working on new renders and kitting, which will be released soon. A GB date is also in the works!4/4/2021New kits, added Mexico vendor, released expected GB month.4/20/2021Added switches.4/25/2021Renders updated.5/9/2021Updated to final renders.5/10/2021Pricing for most regions announced.5/16/2021Added artisan collabs, deskmats and novelties by Stellaidoscope, and more pricing information.

Looks nice! GLWIC

Acitrin is a good dude, support DSS Carpinteria  :)

Renders look great.  Cool Set!  Curious how much that base set will cost ...


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