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Hi all,

I'd like to introduce you to a set inspired by my son's bedroom decor, ePBT Scandi.


Manufacturer: ePBT
Profile: Cherry 1-1-2-3-4-4
Material: PBT
Legends: Center-aligned icons, dye-sublimated
Colors: 1 RAL and 7 Pantones

Color Comparisons

Because you're probably curious:

IC Form

You know the drill. Please do me a favor and fill out the form if you are interested!

Vendors, GB Date, & Pricing

The GB will start on June 14.

Now, without further ado...

Core Kits


Covers everything from TKL down to 60%, including UK ISO, Alice support, F13, and Mac bottom row swaps

Dalecarlian Runes

These are a late version of the runic script, having evolved from Elder Futhark to Younger Futhark to Medieval Runes to finally, these. They were in use in the Swedish province of Dalarna until the early 20th century and were mainly used to transcribe the Elfdalian language and to inscribe names and ownership marks on various objects. As such, it has been designed for full use with the Swedish ISO layout.



Covers most ortho and staggered 40s layouts



For a more muted (and expanded) take on the classic CMYK mods.

Novelty Accents

Additional Language Support Kits


Covers Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, and Icelandic layouts


Covers French AZERTY for France and Belgium


Covers Spanish and Portuguese for both EU and Latin American layouts


A Colevrak+ kit covering Dvorak, Colemak, Colemak DH & DHm, Norman, Carpalx QGMLWY, QWPR, and Wide Mod


Monokei Artisan

This will be made in brass with a light gunmetal PVD finish:

Cable by Nerd Cables

Coming soon!

Renders by Kingk22

Aki-S by senryo

M60-A by RAMA

F1-8X by Geonworks


If you'd like to show your support for this project, please use the banner below:

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--- End code ---


- Restored tertiary legends on localization kits
- Added KBDfans and ThocKeys pricing
- Updated M60-A render with properly-sized Control icon

- Removed tertiary legends on localization kits due to pricing concerns
- Moved UK ISO to Base kit
- Added key sizes to kit images

- Removed the many mod-colored, ortho-oriented R3 keys in favor of mod-colored R1 tilde replacements
- Greatly expanded coverage of the Nomad kit
- Added 1.5u key to Spacebars kit and removed a 2u key (redundant)

- Added IOKeyboards as a vendor for Sweden
- Added Franglais, Ibérica, Typist, and dedicated Spacebars kit
- Moved UK ISO to new Franglais kit (better pricing for both UK ISO users and NorDe users)
- Added Icelandic support to NorDe(Ic) kit
- Moved Alt Gr keys from NorDe to Base kit
- Included 2 options for homing keys in all relevant kits (both scoops and bars)
- Removed mod colored Å from Dalecarlian Runes kit
- Added 2u spacebar and to Base kit for complete Alice support
- Moved 6u spacebar from Base kit to new Spacebars kit
- Trimmed down the Nomad (40s) kit in light of the above changes
- Additional language support IC form is now CLOSED

1. Added GD date
2. Added deskmat
3. Added Monokei artisan

1. Added full vendor list.
2. Added non-homing FJ to the Base kit.
3. Moved rune on X to S. This change happened in the language towards the end of the 19th century, and the previous document I was referencing stopped at 1832.
4. Added 1u Alt Gr key to the NorDeUK kit.
5. Added 1.5u System keys and a 1.75u Lock key to the Accent and Novelty Accent kits.
6. Fixed the rightmost column keys for ortho layouts in the 40s kit.



Not bad


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