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Piggy - 60% Gasket( inner frame) keyboard -(GB open!)

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Discord :

More real photo :

GB Time: May ,22~24
Layout: WK, HHKB
Color: E-beige, Purple, Red, E-white, PC
Quantity and Lead Time: TBD, will determine GB format (unlimited/limited, how many limited) 3 days before GB, in order to have a lead time 4 months -> shipping in September.

Price: base kit price will be $418 $428(only $10 higher than Bear + pp fee , even Piggy used more material for its big bezel. Additionally, the aluminum material cost increased a lot as well as the exchange rate of RMB to USD changed a lot for the past year, which contributed to higher cost of the board). Prices for extra plates, pcb, etc will be announced 3 days before GB.

Prototype units: we just shipped 5 proto units (e-white, 2 * e-beige, purple, pc) to twitch streamers and YouTubers. Once they receive them next week, stream will be scheduled ASAP, so you might see those streams and videos late April or early May. All schedules will be added or updated once we have more details.

How to achieve 4-month lead time: my previous GB Bear schedule was delayed for 2-3 months due to COVID affecting CNY as well as factory arrangement. This time I already contacted the factory to start manufacturing process right after prototypes are verified by streamers, so when GB is happening, those boards are under way being made.

Next round? Extras?: same as Bear, we wont have R2 nor extras for Piggy, so this chance might be your last chance to get this board.

MoreHi, Im Jacky, the designer of S7 Elephant and Bear 65.

S7 Elephant is loved by so many people that after two rounds of group buy, there were still lots of people who would dm me for another chance to buy it,

even I said there will be no R3 for it. Due to the popularity of the design, today Id like to bring the clean look from S7 Elephant to our new series: Piggy 60!

Piggy 60 is a 60% custom keyboard with thick bezel (just like S7 Elephant), gasket mounting style, and screw-less bottom.


* Typing angle :5 same like elephant
* Case material :Pc .Alu. Raw brass (limited)
* Plate materia:  Pc. Alu. Brass . Fr4 ( TBD)
* PCB:USB-C daughterboard /configurable with VIA.
* Layout: - solder and hotswap pcb were no led support (switch led)2.improvements

Here is the list of the differences and improvements from S7 Elephant:

- Reduced the overall height, and changed the corner radius design

- Added inner frame for the gasket mount. The inner frame will be screwed to the top case, with poron foam gaskets evenly distributed positioned on the inner frame as well as the top case. This would provide more consistent typing feeling.

- Center USB-C port with daughter board to avoid PCB vibration (generated by typing) putting pressure on it.

- The top case has side pockets for poron foam gaskets to avoid the plate from moving horizontally. The poron foam gaskets will have removable adhesive strips, which will be convenient for you to replace and clean up.

- Screws in the bottom case will be hidden behind the bump-on feet.

- We would potentially provide plate foam, case foam after we have the prototype to test.

- Th inner frame wont be seen from outside if you choose aluminum case, but you will see it in a polycarbonate case. The default material for the inner frame will be aluminum.

- If the prototype quality turns out to be great, we might provide PVD inner frame and weight.


About colors: E white and PC was confirmed,

now we are provide E-Beige/Anode gray/Anode silver/Anode red/Anode black/ purple (not make sure the treatment)

but only do three colors .

Let`us fill the form ,if you are interested in this piggy !

Form :

Leave you suggestion,you words make us improvement,thanks for you support : )

Discord :


1 form add layout options
2 fix hotswap layout

I see Jacky-bezels, I buy.

This is the one GB I'm looking for. Can't wait!

Beautiful board with a brilliant name. Hopefully there'll be a 65% Piggy one day 🙂 GLWIC+GB!


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