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[IC]Harimau and Penyu Switch - BCP and Zyko Comparisons! Most Vendors Announced!

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This project has been in the works for quite some time now, and we are glad to be finally ready to share it!
Introducing the Wildlife Switches line. It comprises two switches, one linear and one tactile.

We have been long fascinated by long stem pole frankens such as BCP (Black Cherry Pie) / Creampacas [Linear] and Zykos [Tactile]. While we are not looking to exactly replicate the aforementioned frankens, we want to provide a similar long stem pole experience with a slight twist. That was how the project came to life.

We wanted something meaningful and impactful at the same time. After some consideration, we decided on the names “Harimau” (Tiger) and “Penyu” (Turtle). It is a tribute to two increasingly endangered animals, the Malayan Tiger and the Marine Turtle. Coming from Malaysia ourselves, we wanted to raise awareness on this issue and make an impact ourselves at the same time. This is why we are committed to donating a set amount from the total sales of these switches to local wildlife conservation funds (TBD). We are also considering a themed deskmat sale in which all proceeds will be heading to the same wildlife conservation funds.

Now, moving onto the switches themselves. Here are the details:

Harimau (Tiger)
- Tactile Switch
- 67g Spring
- Long Pole POM Stem
- Nylon Top Housing
- Proprietary JWK Blend Bottom Housing (Slightly higher pitch than Nylon)

Penyu (Turtle)
- Linear Switch
- 62g Spring
- Long Pole POM Stem
- Nylon Top Housing
- Proprietary JWK Blend Bottom Housing (Slightly higher pitch than Nylon)

Both of these switches bottom out on the centre pole, which provides a fuller bottom out sound, similar to the frankens that inspired these switches. We have the samples at hand, and can say that we are impressed so far with the feel and sound of the switches, especially Penyu. It has a really crisp and noticeable bottom out sound, while feeling smooth even without lube. Harimau on the other hand has just the right amount of tactility in our opinion, not jarringly harsh yet not extremely weak, a smooth yet strong bump is how we would best describe it. There would be some travel distance left after the tactile event, but if you choose to bottom out while typing they would have a similar ‘explosive’ tactile feel to Zykos, albeit a little more subdued. Sound tests will be included later on in the timeline to show just how good these switches sound stock, and even more so lubed and filmed.

One frequent complaint with long pole frankenswitches such as the BCP that makes them not favoured by some is the noticeably reduced travel distance, which in turn disrupts feel. While the Harimau and Penyu also have a shorter travel distance than your usual MX style switch, the travel is slightly longer compared to BCPs and other cream-stem frankens, which in turn feels quite a bit more comfortable and easier to get used to when coming from ‘regular’ switches.

Housing and Stem Colours

The stem will be a pure white colour.

Sound Tests
The main sound tests were recorded with the mic placed quite far away, so they might sound slightly thinner compared to if the mic was closer. But they are accurate in terms of that POV. We will be uploading close-up audio sound tests as well!


Harimau (Lubed and filmed)

Harimau (Lubed and Filmed, Better Mic Placement, Audio Only)

Penyu (Stock)

Penyu (Lubed and filmed)

Penyu (Lubed and Filmed, Better Mic Placement, Audio Only)

BCP and Zyko comparisons

US - ThocKeys
CA -
UK - Proto[Typist]
EU - CandyKeys
CN -
SEA (PH) - Zion Studios
SEA (MY/SG) - Rebult Keyboards

4/5/2021 - IC Announced
1/6/2021 - Stock Sound Tests
3/6/2021 - Lubed and Filmed Sound Tests

To Do List
Uncolored samples
Sound tests
Colored samples
Vendors - Contact us if you’re a vendor and are interested in this project!
Reviews - If you're a reviewer/content creator and you're interested in covering the switches, do contact us!

IC Form Here:
Join our Discord Here for discussion and first-hand updates (slight teasers of sound tests have also been posted there before)


I love the fact that you are using the national language to name the switch.


interesting project! glwic  :thumb:


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