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New here, can you help me out ?

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Hello People

I was looking for a new Keyboard the last few weeks, but didn't really like any of the available Keyboards on the market corsait,Logitech etc., then i stumbled upon Taeha Types youtube channel and got interested in building my "dream" keyboard for myself. :rolleyes:

For the beginning I'm Looking for a PCB with wireless connection, preferably with 2.4ghz wireless connection and a dongle(would love to keep input lag as low as possible). I would prefer a layout with F keys and a Numpad( I'am just used to having them). I'am flexible with the layout because the Wireless connection is my top priority.
Would love to know if somebody knows about a PCB that kinda fits this. ;D

Greetings and have a good time  :thumb:

as far as i know all custom PCB use Bluetooth as most others 2.4GHz protocol are propitiatory, so sorry about that.
same with the layout, in those parts everything above 65% is rather unpopular and harder to find, although nothing is impossible, and i do not follow wireless closely, more of an old school wired guy myself, so i may be wrong, just giving you some information to maybe temper your expectations.

It sounds like you got sucked into the black hole like me, lol. I'm just starting my build as well, but research, research, research.
There is a boatload of sites for parts and tools, but the information seems hard to track down IMO. is where I bought my "starter kit" I might suggest looking there first. It was easy to find in-stock options for a case/pcb/plate combo.

If I can offer any advice, build and price everything on paper first. Don't forget to add in the cost of lube, shipping, waiting times, TOOLS, etc.

Thank you  :D :thumb:

was reserching and looking for pcbs and ran straight into my first issue, most pcbs i found had the leftshift followed by the y/z.
But im used to swiss german layouts and we have an aditional Button between Leftshift and y/z. :-\ :'( .

link to swiss layout:

if anybody knows of any pcb's the way my layout requires or knows an infoguide to adjust layouts for the keyboard or something similar please let me know

so there are 2/3 main layouts, as far as i know, the American ANSI with the larger left shift and horizontal enter key (by far most common as often american designer even forget that other countries exists), the European ISO with the vertical enter key and short/split left shift, and the Japanese JIS that is an ISO with even more keys.
honorable mention to the rare BAEK and Focus layouts

as said ISO is rather rare compared to ANSI, as designers often forget/do not care about what exists outside of the USA, sometimes can be quite aggravating, although depending on your level of diy and willingness to get exactly what you want maybe the most readily available option would be to modify an existing old logitech board, they do not use MX compatibles anymore but i think they did in the past. there may also exists opensource boards, i am not sure but i think the isometria75 v2 was meant to be bluetooth ( you can read it to make sure).
ISO for sure limits your options but by no mean limits them to 0.


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