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Greetings to all from Pennsylvania USA. Just bought first mechanical keyboard after 30+ years of missing ancient, clangorous, 1980's IBM PC keebs from my misspent youth. Thrilled to find enthusiast community online in 2021.

Now older, grumpier and more linear, I think, but still liking some tactile-ish feedback without the loud, clickity thing. New owner of EPOMAKER GK96 w/Gateron Black switches. Mod: Added o-ring dampers (and a padded, neoprene transport sleeve - "Grifiti Chiton Fat 14 7 x 14" Would have loooved to have gotten shine-through versions of the GK96's great, opaque PBT keycaps. Otherwise, think I may have a keeper here, but still have a Keychron K4 V2 on order, too, just to make sure.  Thoughts on these two chunky bois pros vs. cons? Other outstanding, affordable recommendations in 1800/96% layout?

(Me: mostly a content creator and light/infrequent gamer with mild osteoarthritis in thumbs, so typing experience is most important.  Looking forward to contributing here, while learning from the community's knowledge and experience.) Thanks, all!
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