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[IC]Vast60 r2- 60% gasket keyboard

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made in China:
Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry I'm late because today is a public holiday in China and I had a lazy day off, lol.
Let's first look at the updates to R2 (R1 link:
1.R2 added half-plate (the missing parts will also be provide to customer)
2 Add the rose gold, cancels the blue
3. Gasket rubber has been upgraded from 1.5mm to 2mm
4. Brass weight is added to the bottom case, and PC Uniform plate is provided
5. Provide two pieces of poron sheet of 2mm used in bottom case and one piece of 2mm poron sheet Compatible with hot-swapped pcb
6. The new logo design, if you choose RGB PCB, the light will be exposed from the hollow position.
7. Added brass logo plate on left side of keyboard

Next we look at the renderings, the Protype is expected to be ready in about a week

As always, we are still looking forward to your comments. This is the driving force and direction for our continuous improvement
show some customer from r1:65292;,
For more information,pls click

R2? will keep an eye out

Looks nice. Jelly epoch-like badge and design. Let's see how much the price increases due to brass weight.

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Has V1 been delivered? Estimate pricing is always appreciated in IC.

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if the price doesn't increases too much then you'll see my join in


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