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[IC] KKB Outer Bounds - GB live!

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KKB Outer Bounds is inspired by our solar system, in particular the mystical and seldom-explored outer planets. Although space is not all neon lights and disco balls, it's still mesmerisingly colourful.

Recently, Iíve been reading (and watching) quite a bit about the evolution and eventual fate of the solar system, which got me fascinated in this aspect of my science education again. Kind of poetic to turn your gaze upwards into the vast expanses of the solar system which we will probably never tread with our own feet, and at the same time realise the solar system is but one infinitesimal in the entire cosmos.

The solar system seems only a handís reach from this blue planet we call home, but at the same time may well be the outer bounds of human exploration in the foreseeable future. The set is named accordingly.

As there are several kitting choices that would have to be made, it would be highly appreciated if you could fill in the IC form.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or collabs, please contact me on discord at keepo87.

IC Form | Discord

Manufacturer: Key Kobo

Profile: Cherry profile doubleshot ABS

GB date: 24 Feb - 23 March


Several kitting choices to explain:

Spacebars: with how Alice layouts increasingly move away from a fixed 2.25u/2.75u spacebar layout, it may be more efficient to place both 2.25u/2.75u and double 3us in the spacebars kit to better differentiate between Alice and non-Alice users. If you think otherwise, please let me know in the IC form.

Numpad: with reference to the order numbers of KKB Alhambra, only around 20% of customers ordered the numpad kit. Therefore I believe it is overall more cost-efficient to keep the numpad kit separate.

Base Kit - 85 USD

Numpad Kit - 15 USD

Spacebars Kit - 8 USD

Accents - 25 USD

Dark Alphas - 40 USD

Novelties - 25 USD

ISO-Enter novelty key will be tripleshot.

ISO-UK kit - price TBD

Deskmat - 22USD

(with watermark)




W1-AT by Geon.Works

E8.5 by Exclusive

Aeroboard70 by S61

Boomerang by Laminar


USA: KeebsForAll
EU: Keygem
UK: ProtoTypist
Korea: Swagkeys
Indonesia: Mechaland
VN: MOKB Store
OCE: Allcaps
LATAM: Latamkeys
Japan: Basekeys
CN (ex. TW): Dawn Works
TW: PPD Keyboards

If you are interested in this set, have any suggestions or would like to discuss further, please do join my discord (link above) or add me personally (keepo87) - happy to chat further!

Many thanks to Pensa73 for the renders, PapaMao / Exclusive / Geon / S61 / Laminar for the render files, as well as you for spending the time to read this IC  ;)

Uhh lemme secretly add a signature block for good order lol

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that's... not bad at all. I like the contrast with the gray mod legends. also the alt alphas is a great addition.

never a fan of the separated numpad kit tho, unless it's a kitting restraint from keykobo I'd keep that in base, but that's not strictly related to this set in particular.

I think, as long as it's reflected in the price being lower, the exclusion of a numpad doesn't bother me much. Sample size of one, etc., but every numpad I have for every set is just sitting in a box. Of the 15 keyboards I've owned in my time as a hobbyist only two have ever had numpads.

Please consider UK keys in base (only six keys in total) or a NorDeUK kit (the real Europeans will like it).

Very nice design, especially the colored alpha and accent kit. Hope to have some renders with more colored Mods on tho. Anyway, LOVE U KEEPO!

Love the novelties and colour choices. Legibility for the mods might be of concern but we'll have to see the samples to know for sure right


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