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[IC] RIVA V2 - plateless 60%

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RIVA V2 - Plateless 60%

Welcome to the RIVA V2 IC! This is the second version of Riva diving deeper into the theme while staying true to its original form!

GB from march 27th to april 4th 2024!

Alexotos VOD

Link to the Furki.customs Discord

Link to the Furki.customs Instagram

(these are not renders)


Photo gallery


Layout: WK and WKL 60% (ANSI and ISO)   
Mounting: Plateless PCB leaf spring mount
Typing angle: 6.5˚ typing angle
Front height: 14mm (18mm without Cherry lip, adjusted 18.6mm)
PCB: 1.6mm soldered with daughter board (hotswap in the works!)
Features: ultra-low USB-C position, cherry lip, WAVE sides   
Materials: Case: 6063 aluminum, Weight: stainless steel   
Manufacturer: Dadesin
Typing test: coming soon!
Hotswap: available in an extra kit!

RIVA is using a custom PCB designed by langerhans. The following layout is supported:


All colours are set!
Purple (from the Protos)
Light Blue (from the Protos)

Vendors and pricing

Price: 390 (estimate) ~ $340 without german tax
Worldwide vendor:
When? Q1 2024
ETA: 4 months after GB ends

Special thanks to:

langerhans and Manzel for the PCBs and technical help
Oblotzky for hosting this GB!
The proto buyers gang!

To do:

~ test if hotswap is possible without plate - if not, try everything out with an additional plate
~ make a typing video
~ send a prototype to a streamer

looks amazing! good luck with the ic and gb

Really good job, this looks so nice ;D
The front height is also crazy low :p

I like bread


--- Quote from: Keeblet_257 on Sun, 24 September 2023, 08:55:20 ---I like bread

--- End quote ---

but does bread like you


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