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How are trackballs for photo editing?


Hey guys. I use a normal mouse and always have, but I see these creative people using trackballs all the time, primarily for video and audio editing. What about for photo editing? Is it as easy as a normal mouse? Does anything work better? Anything worse?

I ask because I'm about to pull the trigger on a 122 key Unicomp and I want to see if I can keep some desk space.

For photo editing, trackballs work just as well as a mouse.... Which is to say, garbage compared to a drawing tablet.

If you're a graphics artist a graphics tablet will change your world.
I started with a cheap Wacom Bamboo pen based touchpad (without a display) and while it was an improvement it showed me having the display built into it would be another massive step up so I bought an older (used) tablet with pen compatibility and wow, you have no idea what you're missing. And that's exactly what I would recommend if you do this regularly but not as a professional, get an older tablet/notebook, if you're a pro, spend the money and get a dedicated setup.


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