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[IC]GMK Singularity - approaching event horizon

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GMK Singularity
GMK Gravity Well

MVKB x Salvun Artisan

Designed by MVKB produced by Salvun.
*Still need to test the coating and laser engraving so the final result could be slightly different.Renders

Petrichor x Alchemist Keyboards

8XMKii x KBDFans

Even Horizon x MVKB

NK65 x NovelKeys

Tilted40 x Swishy
Color Swatches
Vendor List
CA: Desk[H]ero
UK: ProtoTypist
Euro: KeyGem
SA: Fancy Customs


This set's aesthetic is inspired by black holes and the their effects.
The novel G at the center is shaped as a black hole but still reads as the letter G. The surrounding legends stretch and twist as they are pulled by gravity.
I've chosen to go black on black to emphasize the novelty alpha set and fit the aesthetic of the design.
F=G(m1m2/r2) is the equation for gravitational force.
The ANSI enter key is an astronaut looking at the black hole at the center of the alpha set while you can see the black hole reflected in the visor.
The ISO enter key is a ship sling-shotting around a black hole.
The simple column novel keys can be viewed as simple illustrated galaxies circling a black hole.
The last novelty is a gravastar. It's an alternative to the black hole theory. I'm not a physicist so I can't begin to understand the difference but it's illustrated as a star within a star within a star.
The set includes black hole themed R4 labeled keycaps.

Renamed kit to GMK Singularity to better fit the theme.
Had to reduce the kitting, especially to meet future MOQs.
Dropped accretion due to its lack of support in IC.
Made Solar the base kit based on IC support.
This kit's original color scheme was based around Horizon and I just can't drop that color-way.
There is a second deskmat in design phase being created by JPHarringtonJr
Interested collaborators please message me on Discord.
Special thanks:
Mario, beyond helpful!
dotNick helping me get comfortable with designing a set.
SpikedSynapse, Beesley, and the rest of the mad lads on the Keycap Designer Discord. You guys are awesome!
Imperfect Link for an amazing product and amazing tech support. goated.
Everyone in my discord and all their feedback.

So, are you going to try to get GMK to do new Alpha molds?

Short answer: yes, if it has enough support yadda yadda.

I know it drives the price up but I do like the GMK sets I own now. If it ends up being cost prohibitive or even just physically prohibitive I'll move onto another solution or bite the bullet and move on.

I'm in for the arrow keys doing the Spider Man pointing at Spider Man meme. Oh, wait, I can do that now! Seriously though, I like where you're going with the set and would love to see it come to fruition with GMK or someone else. GLWIC.

Love the concept, but like previously mentioned, if GMK isn't willing to or reasonably quote you on new alpha molds, you could consider KKB or DMK. I think DMK actually did something recently where they mirrored the alphas and ePBT did something similar with ePBT Cool Kids

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