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[IC] QWERkeys 86-key set? RGB mod set? -- DISCUSSION MODE

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update: sleabo has mentioned that 50 MOQ might be enough to go ahead with this buy since he can probably sell the leftovers. more pre-orders are better!!
in addition QWERkeys will be adding charcoal/dark grey to their color lineup!

Hey bros and babes
Been thinking about how cool a full set of QWERkeys would be so I contacted them and got a quote.
Prices are about 75GBP (give or take, i forget exactly right now), at MOQ of 50 sets. that includes everything execpt the spacebar, for which there is an MOQ of 500... so unless we get a ridiculous number of orders I think we might need someone with an SP color ring to approximate the closest color for spacebars :(

Colorwise, I was thinking yellow on dark grey, but we can discuss that if there is significant interest. I may not be the one to run the group buy but I figure enough people have been talking about it for a while that we should see what the interest is like.

Full set, colors up for discussion. Dark keys seem to be pretty popular. This will end up costing about 120-130 USD.
RGB set - The most economical option at this time. Everybody loves RGB!
Complete modifier set - Perhaps the best compromise and the easiest way to get all of the molds produced for future GBs.

PROFILE: I wanna do J profile, cherry compatible. Perhaps we could throw in an extra Esc key in the tripleshot option?

This is going to be a hard sell, but it is a pretty sweet set :(

Color me semi-interested

i know, but LOOK at these. LOOK!

Interested in 1 or + set of modifiers

a whole set or just modifiers?


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