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[IC] A round 2 novelty key group buy UPDATE W/Keycap list!

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Edit: Here's my post later in the thread with the proposed keys available:

Okay, so because of the forum reset, I'm having trouble finding stock images of the old novelty keys. I did do a search through some other old threads, but I don't want to jack images without permission. If anyone has some pictures of the following, it'd be great:

Guy escaping with keyboard

If anyone wants those keys.

Here's some of the ones I bought last time around. Don't think we'll do any flag keys this time, they usually get really low counts.

Anyways, here's my updated list of keys I want to run:
Biohazard: (both modifier and Esc keys)
- Red on White (matching Red Alert)
- Blue on Black (Maybe?) It would go with my upcoming doubleshot group buy
- White on Red (matching the abundant red mod sets)

Jolly Roger: Modifier only
-white on black
-black on white
-Red on White

Triforce: Esc and Mod
- Gold on Green ofc
- There is no good purple available from SP, so the gold on purple suggestion is out, but I'm open to others

Awesome Face:
White on Red
Black on Red (this for sure, its new)
Black on Yellow? (I don't particularly want to do the same colors, so throw em up, I'm open to whatever)

- Black on Red
- Red on Black
- Willing to do colors that match keysets done by GH, CCnG etc, as well as anything else that looks sick.

Nuke I'll pass on because we just had the hazard group buy.

Escaping Keyboard Guy:
- White on Red
- Black on Red

Colors undecided

ANY Key:
Colors undecided

Socially Awkward Penguin: (Have .svg)
-Black on White

Bowser Flag: (Need .Svg, might make my own if I have to)
- Black on white lets us do the flag
- White on black gives us just a bowser key

Fox key (You'll know what its from)
- White on Black or Grey on Black
- Orange on Black

If you guys want to do a particular GH key I'll lump that in with this and donate the proceeds to GH as usual. Apparently the $350 I sent em wasn't near enough! Give me a color combo!

Anything I missed? Thats a lot of keys! Depending on how many we end up with, I'm planning on starting the group buy at the 50/100 price tier, as I'll just contribute and buy 100 of each to lower prices and have some/lots of extras to sell. That said, if a key gets very little interest even at a great price break, I'll drop it and save myself the effort.


Computer-Lab in Basement:
Always in for more novelty caps.


I'm a sucker for these, you know I'd be in.


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