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I don't know if anyone is working on this, or wants to, but if so just speak up and I can step aside or let you help.

I'll call it SkyWyRe (Sky colored Wyse Replica)

Thanks to reaper for the reference picture.

I had an idea to do a very simple SoWaRe imitation set from SP in limited quantities 50-100 sets. Every set would also come with the tsangan, or simplified tsangan to reduce cost. Maybe even the numpad and iso kit could be included as well.

I am unsure of the color codes but I think the lighter grey is GBA, dark grey is GSY, light blue is BFQ, not sure what yellow is. Some people didn't like the RGB color legends for shift, control, and alt so I'm not sure if we would want to duplicate that or not, and if we did then I am unsure of the colors for that red, green, and blue text. We could also double up on the modifiers so both the plain and RGB modifiers would be available.

For one of everything (base/modifer, tsangan, numpad, iso) per set:
One base/modifier, and one tsangan per set:
Please answer the following questionnaire

Link to questionnaire results


form submitted.

I would strongly recommend you not call it SoWaRe anything.



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