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BKE Redux Light Domes [Short review]

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I received my BKEredux light's today.

After reading reviews like this one, I was very worried that even the lights would be too heavy for me, considering my preference for 35g switches.

However after putting them in (wasn't too much of a hassle) I found that they don't really feel heavier than my 45g domes. They do however feel much snappier, even more so than my clicky alps! This is just the right kind of tactility. Clicky simplified alps feel flimsy, and cherry mx feels outright linear. I really am enjoying the tactility :)

The upstroke is also absurdly loud, like, really loud. I didn't think I would mind it, I thought I would maybe even enjoy it, but that turned out not to be the case. The upstroke is annoyingly loud. the buttery smooth topretm "thock" is gone, replaced with an aggressive "THOCK THOCK THOCK".

so far I am quite satisfied, however I've only been typing on them for too long, so my opinion might change.



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