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The first in the GSKT series. Gasket mounted, 6063 aluminum.

Information and Updates


Information about changes on Page 13

Thank you all for the interest in the GSKT-00.  Supplemental information from the GB will not be repeated here, so please see the Interest Check thread for more in-depth information.

Some options are still being decided on privately (pcb colors, alps plate layouts) but the practice form will have the most up to date options when it is released.  Be prepared for a long form because of all the options.

The GB will open on January 20th.  I am in the US-EST time zone and I am shooting for the form to open sometime in the late afternoon or early evening.  This should give most of the US a good chance for it and the people in Europe and Asia shouldn't have to stray too far outside their schedules either.  I will update with the official time on Monday morning.

Opening at 5pm EST.

One more thing is I had to raise the international shipping price to $50 after checking a lot of estimates, hopefully this isn't too much of a deterrent.  Only $5 but worth mentioning.  2 units will also be an additional $15 charge regardless of location.

Practice Form: CLOSED

Official Form, opens 1/22 at 5pm EST: CLOSED


For 200 boards and plates it is looking like up to 90ish business days of manufacturing time.  Can't really get this lower, so it will be a bit of a wait, but that's to be expected at that high of a unit count and with all the plates.  If for whatever reason we don't hit the maximum then it will of course take less time.  PCB turnaround should be some time less than the boards and gaskets and screws are a trivial amount of time to acquire so no worries there.  Again cerakoting will add another 3-4 weeks of time (potentially longer depending on how many people want it) so be prepared for that as well.  But that will only affect those who are getting a board koted.

As far as what to expect out of me for updates, I will not update with any information unless something is happening.  Meaning when boards ship to me, pcbs ship, we get components, etc then there will be an update.  Otherwise, I will not have anything to say.  Having weekly updates that are nothing more than me saying "still waiting" are not useful and will be forgone.

Form Submission and Invoicing

Please take your time to fill out the form carefully and accurately.  For such a large potential unit count I do not have the time or patience to edit/change much (if any) information filled incorrectly.  I would appreciate if you make sure the information you submit is accurate and complete so it saves me time in getting orders to the factory and to you as quick as I can.  If you fill out the form really quickly without the right info just to get a spot, then try to have me change it all after the fact, then I will cancel your order.  If it's a small thing we'll make it work, but please try to submit it right the first time.  Please help me make this as smooth as possible and get these boards to you all with as little headache as possible. Thank you.

The form will stay open as long as the maximum has not been hit.  If we don't have the maximum in 2 weeks time then it will be closed and run with the amount received.

Invoices will be sent as I create them so expect a week or so of me sending invoices out.  Invoices should be paid as quickly as possible, the sooner everyone submits, the sooner we can send an order to the factory.  You will have 2 weeks to pay from the time you receive your invoice.  If you have not paid by then, your spot will be passed to the next person in line and so on. 

Submission to the factory will not happen until all orders are paid for.

There are no refunds of any kind.  Once you have paid the money, you will not be getting it back unless there is some failure on my end at which point probably everyone would be refunded, but that is an absolute worst case scenario.  Worth mentioning in the spirit of Caveat Emptor.


- Case: $225

- Plate: $25 Half - $30 Full

  - Materials: Aluminum (Silver, Gray, Black, Red), Stainless Steel (Brushed), POM (black transparent, expect potential slight warping and/or very small misalignment), Acrylic (Clear), Polycarbonate (Frosted)

- PCB: $25

- Shipping: $25 CONUS - $50 International

- Cerakote (any non-custom color): $50

A final thank you to all the friends who have used this board and those who have expressed interest in it.  You are appreciated.  :thumb:

Approved! Please add an estimated shipping date (can be very rough).

GL w GB :)

very nice

Fingers crossed.



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