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[IC] KAT PBJ - (11/23/21) UPDATE: Samples ARRIVED!

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KAT PBJA fully modular, lighthearted keyset that will pull you back to your childhood!
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Welcome to KAT PBJ, my passion project for the last few months! I was inspired to create my own keycap set that was as authentic to my own self as possible, and I strongly believe in never taking life too seriously. Embracing your inner child and finding the fun things in life doesn't ever have to go away, so I wanted to create something that reminded people of their childhoods and give cozy after-school snack vibes. Nothing evokes that feeling like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut in triangles, a cold glass of milk, and your favorite cartoon playing in the background.
Thus... KAT PBJ was born!

Visit for renders, kits, configurator, FAQ, and more!Join the Discord server for updates and more information!
Please fill out the Interest Check Form if you are interested!

KAT PBJ is also designed to be available and accessible to people from all over the world with all sorts of tastes.The kits have been designed to be as modular as possible offering 4 "Jelly" accent colors and several language kits as well as compatibility options.
Try using the Configurator on the KAT PBJ website to test out any combination you like!

Please fill out the Interest Check Form if you are interested!

Polygon65 by Rotwitt
Iron165 by Smith and Rune
Lodestone by Prototypist
More(All renders on GEIST were done by GEISTMASCHINE himself - check out his board here!

SouthPup by halo
Charlotte by KraizesGB
Fuji65 by CMM.Studio
J-01 by Prototypist
M60-A by RAMA Works



More60s Text Mods
60s Icon Mods
60s Icon Mod Blanks
40s/Ortho Text Mods
40s/Ortho Icon Mods
40s/Ortho Blanks



VendorsNorth America: CannonKeysCanada: ApexKeyboardsEurope: MyKeyboard.euAsia: zFrontierSoutheast Asia: MonokeiOceania: Daily Clack


Collabs & Extras
PBJ Nekomata by Shirouu
Preview: More
PBJ Bean by DEΔGcaps(Colorway preview will be teased later on)Preview: More
& more to come!

PBJ Design02 by ArcTangent Keyboards
This board will be available in multiple colorways to match your choice of accents for PBJ!
Preview Render: More

Coiled cables by LuxeCables
Prototype Cable (Grape): MorePreview Render: More

Purple Case & Plate foams for Design02 + Purple KAT Spacebar foams by Stupidfish01
Foams will be available in Purple and be made custom for the Design02 case! Photo will be updated when prototype is available.
Preview Image: More

Custom Switches
Preview Render: More

Stickers (and maybe pins?)
PBJ Logo Stickers + Novelty Stickers
Preview: More

When is the Group Buy?The Group Buy date is currently undetermined. This page will be updated as soon as it's decided!
Pricing information?Pricing is currently undetermined, I am still waiting to hear from Keyreative before I can get quotes!
Do I have to buy the Jelly Accents with the base kits?Nope! You are fully welcome to order your sandwich without Jelly if you prefer.
Will you add [kit]?Maybe! Let me know what you think should be changed or added in the interest check form!
What colors does this set use?The colors for this set are still being finalized, but these are the colors I have selected currently, using Pantone colors:Swatches for those who prefer images: More
Bread (Alphas): 9224 CPeanut Butter (Alpha legends + Mods): 3596 UCrust (Mod Legends): 2317 CGrape (Accent): 2635 CStrawberry (Accent): 4069 CBlackberry (Accent): 2755 UHoney (Accent): 1345 U
SAMPLES: More[/size]

How can I contact you?Discord is probably the best place to get in touch with me ASAP, but feel free to contact me through any means! You can find all of my social media for this set here. I check all of them regularly!For business contact, feel free to message me on Discord at Liz#1313 or email me at!
This looks kinda similar to IFK Marshmallow and GMK Bread?I have spoken with the creators of both sets (PRJKT_ and GergWorst) and they are both amazing people who both have helped me in designing my set when they had absolutely no obligation to do so.Please check out their work as they are both creating awesome stuff!

Roadmap- Find more collabs (?)- Look into custom switches- Secure Vendors- Get samples- Get Group Buy Date
To-DoMore- Create Cyrillic Alphas kit due to popular demand- Look into darker color for Alphas legends for better contrast- Adjust Numpad kit for better 1800 support- Relocate Alice "B"s to respective Alphas kits- Add blanks kits- Refine 40s/Ortho bars- Expand Colevrak Kit- Make Ergo kit less vague- Fix questionable kitting errors in 60s/TKL mods- Add QAZ support to 40s/ortho
Updates/ChangelogMore10/16/20: Posted Interest Check!10/18/20: Announced LuxeCables collab10/18/20: Added Cyrillic Alphas kit, Adjusted font on Hiragana & Katakana kits10/24/20: Moved Alice "B"s to Alphas kits instead of Spacebars, Added Blanks to Alphas, 60s mods, and 40s/Ortho mods, Fixed Icon mods to correct legends10/24/20: Announced Vendors and new collabs!11/29/20: Added new switch renders, cable prototype photos, updated website9/9/21: Received first photo of samples![/more][/center]

Special ThanksMinterly (and everyone in her server) - for inspiring me to start on my own keycap set!Eura - for helping me with color matching and designing PBJ’s absolutely adorable noveltiesCardinal - for teaching me everything nobody told me I needed to know (literally)PenguinDroppings - for being my internet mom and giving me the best advice for everythingGlendel - for listening to me rave about my set and spamming you with pictures 20 times a day for a month straight (and being super supportive the whole time)ImperfectLink - for giving me noob advice and tech supportKonstantin - for being a super friendly kit wizard
Extra Special ThanksZuiia - for developing the website and providing moral support and company through practically every second of designing this keycap setTina - for being my mental health coach even though I never listened
Last but not least...everyone who ever gave me feedback, advice, support, guidance, or ideas, you rock :)

Please fill out the Interest Check Form if you are interested!

If you'd like to support this set, please add this code to your profile signature!
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This set is cute! I'm a huge fan of the honey, GLWIC!

This looks great! :3


Finally my breakfast made into a set


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