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Latest Update

--- Quote from: eniigma on Mon, 29 November 2021, 15:28:30 ---Hey everyone!

Im pleased to finally announce the group buy information for Memento.

The buy will take place on Saturday, December 11th at 10AM EST. All other information, including pricing, extras, and prototype pictures, can be found on our website, which has been updated in preparation for the buy.

Were super excited about the final prototype, and how high-quality it feels in hand. It is truly something we are proud to stand behind. However, we understand that after the Vertigo quality letdown, that some of you may have some concerns about it happening again, so we created a changelog to highlight some of the improvements.

Were looking forward to seeing many of you on December 11th! We will continue keeping yall updated until then! Keep an eye out later this week for some build streams.

Thank you all!

--- End quote ---

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Memento interest check.
This board has been a long time in the making, and we're excited to finally show all the details off.

Memento is a 60% board, with a robust, three-piece construction.

The board is comprised of three pieces; the shell, the base, and the bottom plate. The plate is mounted to the board with an o-ring gasket.

Special Edition:
-Ink Black aluminum WKL shell piece
-Sterling Silver aluminum base piece
-Rainbow PVD Stainless Steel backplate
-Sterling Silver full aluminum plate
 -Custom ek60 PCB (QMK/VIA compatible) with daughterboard
-Price: $615
-Quantity: 100
-Date: December 11th, 2021 at 10AM EST
-Estimated Ship Date: Late Summer 2022

PCB Layout Info

(Note: ISO only supported with custom plate files)

Group Buy Info
TBA (targeting some time this summer)

Prototype Pictures
These are pictures of the final prototype.

Big thanks to Lewis of Hand Engineering for being a great springboard for ideas, and to gautema for developing our raffle system.

Another thanks goes out to to everyone in our Discord server. Feel free to join to receive updates and other news early, and see sneak peaks behind the scenes of what's going on. And special thanks to the people/rats who've been watching this project develop over the last few months, your words of encouragement mean a lot.

Feel free to follow us on Instagram to see more of this board!

Yess pls I can't wait for this

Memento so lit, the bottom finish is incredible (who does not love screws?), now waiting for the chance to get it  ;D ;D ;D

Im in. Another banger.

That SE weight is crazy. Love it and totally in!


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