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[GB] GMK Hooty (Nov 1st Launch)

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GMK Hooty

Polo by Marco

November 2021
Projected delivery date - Q4 2022 - Q1 2023


To be linked as vendors go live.

US - Space
UK - ProtoTypist
EU - MyKeyboard
CA - DeskHero
SEA - iLumKB
OCE - DailyClack
CN - zFrontier CN - zFrontier Intl
KR - SwagKeys

Hooty is quite the grumpy little owlet, usually disgruntled, tired, generally unimpressed, and always waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Hooty will feature low contrast and saturation doubleshot greys throughout the set and novelties, with soft, bright pink UV throughout the base and novelties. Same pink will be used as the doubleshot accent legend, and the keycaps in the accent kit. Grey keycaps and legend in the accent kit is GMK 2B. Pink and light grey are custom.


Base ($134.99 USD) and Novelties ($49.99 USD)

(Two blank relegendables, and two with printed + side-print novelties - The wonderful man that he is, Jae @Prototypist will be providing laser cut papers for the relegendables)

Accents ($39.99 USD) and Expansion ($39.99 USD)


Gunmetal daji Ocho Cuatro by juaninamilli

E-White Petrichor by Alchemist Keyboards

Pink Poly TMO V2 by funderburker


Standard cloth tops, 900 x 400 x 4mm with black stitching

Sleepytime Hoot & Hootweave ($19.99 USD)


Grey Hooty Hibi ($38.00 USD) Dual level milling (like GMK Pono cap), with pink enamel infill. Geo Hoot Hibi ($56.00 USD) Brass + rose gold PVD, third in the geometric brass animal series (to match GMK Pono and ePBT Ivory)

Space Cables

Cerakote color matched coiled aviator ($70.00 USD) - Straight grey cable ($30.00 USD)

Gateron Hooties Going on pause for the moment

Nylon housing, POM stem, No factory lube, 5-pin PCB mount, 63.5g stainless steel spring (15mm length)

Thanks to Marco for the lovely renders, and patience

Discord linked in signature if you'd like to stay up to date with this and other projects.


Reserved for updates.

Not long before going live! :thumb:

Another banger! :thumb:

How do I not all in this set?

Hooty hype!


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