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How many keycaps sets do you have and how often do you swap them?

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I was wondering, how many keycaps sets do you guys have and how often do you swap them?
Do you swap just for differen theme, or do you prefer to change profiles from time to time?
Do you have your preffered caps profile+switches combo?

I probably have around two dozen keycap sets, but I haven't been swapping at all since I got my hands on MT3 Dasher last year.

I have 5 sets or so and I just go with whatever looks nicest on my boards

12 boards with 10 sets.  The problem will be what to do with all the extra sets I'll have by the end of next year, lol.

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3 boards, 3 sets.  No swapping until the group buys I entered time out, so just a few more years I guess


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