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I've mostly moved away from using/being interested in super colorful keysets, and end up using WoB or beige a lot of the time. I do, however, like to change things up a bit and I think sublegended alphas are a good way to do that. Once all the alpha kits I picked up during CRP R4 ship, I'll have all I need to have a solid rotation of beige alphas with sublegends. Now, I want to be in a similar situation with WoB.

Why Addon Kits?
Mostly, I'm not sure there's really a way for me to offer full base kits that are competitive, in terms of price, lead time, and convenience, with what Drop offers. This way, people can pick up WoB from Drop when it's available and have a set they can use in a reasonable amount of time. Then, they'll be able to pass it down to their grandkids to use in time for these addon kits to ship.
Also, while I was preparing this, an IC was released and GB was run for WoB Red Cyrillic. I felt people who wanted will get in on that group buy, so it wouldn't make much sense for me to move away from what I was doing.

Below are the kits I'm interested in getting made.
Colors follow the standard WoB scheme, WS1 on CR, with sublegends UV printed in P3 (because that's my favorite look).



None yet.

None yet.

Notes and other thoughts:
There is one more kit that I'm looking to run, but I omitted it from the initial IC because an IC already released for something similar. As a result, I'm waiting until things are finalized on their end. Once that happens I'll either add the kit to the IC and get that in motion, or drop it completely.

I'm choosing to go with UV printed subs over trying to get doubleshot molds made for a couple reasons:
1. I just much prefer the look, which is the most important thing.
2. It will be much easier to bring the legends within GMK spec for UV printing than for getting molds produced.
3. Pricing. The cost of an alpha kit that has UV printed subs will probably be much cheaper than a kit that has a bunch of new molds that need to be paid for.

The APL subs follow the layout used in CRP's kits, but I'm pretty sure there are a few people who have issues with this layout. I'm not one of them because I have not and will likely never write anything in APL so accuracy/usability is not something I prioritized. People who do see this as an issue, please fill out the open suggestion box in the IC form and let me know. I might see what I can do.
Most of the subs used were traced by a friend, with a few done by myself since Hammerworks wanted me to pay like $8k plus an additional 7% of sale price for every kit made over 500 in order to license their files for use with GMK.
The only thing I'm really concerned about is price. I've only ever done one other keyset related project and it also had alphas with UV printed sublegends. The pricing quoted on that kit was garbage, and I'm hoping the difference of stock colors here vs. custom colors will mean GMK won't scalp us on price.
I don't really want to run this anytime soon, so I plan on having a pretty long IC phase. Be sure to leave feedback in the form and let me know things you think can be improved. Thanks.

IC Form


I think you should consider adding a tab?
It allows people to use this with the leftovers from a wob kit on another keyboard.

providing the people with what they need

Iím in. Can u consider a hangul kit as well.

And BoW :)


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