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[IC] GMK WoB Alpha Addons (APL, Katakana)

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APL subs in blue would slap


This is incredibly based, hope you get quotes within this decade


--- Quote from: illusixn on Thu, 25 November 2021, 10:51:22 ---I've mostly moved away from using/being interested in super colorful keysets, and end up using WoB or beige a lot of the time. I do, however, like to change things up a bit and I think sublegended alphas are a good way to do that. Once all the alpha kits I picked up during CRP R4 ship, I'll have all I need to have a solid rotation of beige alphas with sublegends. Now, I want to be in a similar situation with WoB.

--- End quote ---
This is what the hobby needs  :cool:
Great set, felt like there's just been too many recent forced theme sets that look like another set

Love the concept! Adding a tab + arrows would go a long way to increasing compatibility for two boards in a WoB set + Alpha Addon

+1 for hangul


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