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[GB] Manibus. Aluminum Split Keyboard With Magnetic Wrist Rests!

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by Blank Tehnologii

Manibus is a 3 year passion project with the aim of building a truly ergonomical and elegant keyboard while not breaking the bank.

Order Manibus

Shipping ETA: Q3 2022.
Number of units will be unlimited and GB will run for a month from Dec 1st 2021 to January 1st 2022

0. Contents:

1. Details
2. Status
3. Pricing
4. Renders and Photos
5. FAQ


1. Details

- 62 keys
- staggered ortholinear layout
- cnc'd aluminum cases
- colors: anodized seaweed green & bead blasted silver
- cnc'd polycarbonate magnetic palm rests
- aluminum plates
- hotswap PCB's with USB-C
- weight is ~500g/half without palm rest and ~750g/half with palm rest
- 58x1u keys, 2x1.5u keys, 2x2.25u keys, doesn't require special ergonomic sets, a TKL set would work just fine
- QMK configurable
- 3D print the plates and try out the layout here

2. Status

Multiple 3D printed prototypes and two aluminum prototypes have been built so far.
5 rounds of PCB prototypes. Currently waiting for the 6th one to finish and get delivered.
Here's an in-depth look at the design process of the keyboard I've made a while ago.

08/30/2021 Made the switch plate files available as STL's for 3D printing. Added more photos.

09/11/2021 Opened issue to include the layout in the Split Keyboard Layout Comparison Site

10/08/2021 Third aluminum prototype arrived

10/14/2021 6th round of PCB's arrived, now with hotswap

12/01/2021 Manibus Group Buy Launches

3. Pricing

Price will start from 250 and will include:
- Cases
- PCBs
- Aluminum Plates
- First 30 orders will also get free Kailh Box White switches.

Palm rests will be sold as an add on for 49.99
You will also be able to order extra PCBs for 49.99 and extra aluminum plates for 29.99

Details on pricing can also be found on our product page

4. Renders and Photos


Exploded view




V1 Prototype



V2 Prototype

5. FAQ

Q: Can you provide a typing test and more pictures/renders?
A: Yes. We're working on all of the above and will update this IC regulary when they're ready.

Update: We now have two typing tests available:
You can also have a look at the magnets in action:

Q: Are you planning to include other color options?
A: While we'd love to work with different colors, we simply don't have the capacity to ensure they will come out as expected for now. We're mainly trying to deliver two solid options and with little to no color variance between the halves.

Q: I live in X location on Y continent, will you deliver there?
A: We are selling worldwide. As long as it's covered by DHL, we're shipping to you.

add eta shipping date and timeline for approval.


Updated post with ETA. Thanks!

Orders are now live!

Any discord for updates and stuff?


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