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IBM Model F PC/XT disassembly

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Ah yes, you shouldn't forget to remove those keycaps if you don't want to see rockers jumping around...

I tried to simply slide it together and it wouldn't let me, the latches didn't line up until I held them in place with the clamps.

I actually held the spacebar rocker in place using the fishing wire, hence no trouble from that one.

Could be an XT-specific issue. The ATs one slide together reasonably easy, although it can take a bit of effort to get the two plates pushed toghether so that the latches line up.

I just got my f today and the space bar is quite stiff i did not read ahead and i will have to fully dissemble to re attach the stabiliser but that can wait for another day the F is clean and is now in uk layout as opposed to the German layout (RIP model m )at the mometnt is is clean and my fingers are getting a workout

the sound of this thing is just amazing if i could sort the space bar out it would be amazing i don't think i like it this stiff

I guess that I am lucky to have large strong hands that enabled me to put the plates back together without clamps on XTs and ATs. I even did it a few times on the big F-122s until I got frustrated and bolt-modded them. Maybe I am just stupid or careless, but I never seem to hit it just right the first time, and end up taking it back apart at least once for some silly reason.

That spacebar issue on the XTs and ATs is frustrating. That separate under-carriage stabilizer seems to do a good job of stabilizing, but makes for a massive assembly to have to move around. I got pretty good at disassembling and re-assembling them, but it takes juggling threads and weights and other silly maneuvers, and still does not fix the basic mass/size/balance problem.

Fortunately/unfortunately, the F-122 spacebar is almost like the Model M, meaning a nice size and weight, but unfortunately it uses a different gauge wire (smaller) so that it won't interchange.

i think the solution is to get hold of 2 switch assemblies and mod in 2 keys next to the space bar and sue the m space bar with a home made holder of the stabiliser on the plate


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