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SHKB: HHKB-controller with USB-C and 3-port 3.0 HUB

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Sounds very interesting!


this is honestly so cool! would love an update :)

I actually soldered the prototypes this weekend, but I have yet to power them, since I don't have a current limited supply at home. Moving forward, but please have patience :D.

What's the USB A on the side for?

I like the project anyhow. USB C above everything :P


--- Quote from: xondat on Sun, 26 May 2019, 21:25:28 ---What's the USB A on the side for?

--- End quote ---
Well, the idea is just to have an extra, internal usb-port for a usb-drive, mouse dongle or such. The hub chip I'm using is a 4 port hub, and the atmega for the keybord controller uses one port, so we have 3 left. Might as well make hardware support for it, if not used, we can just skip mounting the components for the extra port.


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