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[GB] GMK Sumi | 3rd round of colorsamples rejected

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GMK Sumi is a Set, inspired by the japanese ink painting art - sumi-e 墨絵

Here are the measurements of the latest round of colorsamples.

The Kits of Sumi.

The Base Kit

The Hiragana Alphas

The Novelties

The Spacebars

The Extension

The Kit was designed with two RAL and one GMK-Basic Colour.

Real life colour samples in natural lighting:

Renders with the ORI 87.


Renders with the RAMA U80-A.


Renders with the AKI-S.


Deskmat Designs.




Ghost Koi

Collaboration with RAMA WORKS (R).

Collaboration with Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur.


Collaboration with Artkey Universe.


You can join my DISCORD, if you want to stay up to date and don't want to miss any news regarding Sumi and my Projects!

The Group Buy will last from the 15th of July to the 15th August this year!


NA: Project Keyboard
EU: CandyKeys
AS: zFrontier
AUS: Switchkeys
CA: Deskhero


The estimated shipping time of the Keyset is between Q1 and Q3 of 2021. It depends on GMK's capabilitys.

For updated numbers click here.

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Virtual Designworks

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Been waiting for the amazing deskmats! I hopped on :)

Been looking forward to this for a long time, GLWGB my friend!

Hm, I thought about it for a bit but I still dont understand some of the prices. Like, in general I understand conversion, vat, import tax and maybe different vendors taking different cuts. But for example how does it happen that some kits are more expensive in $ compared to pricing and other kits its the opposite?   
In a similar vein: are the mats made in america? Or where does the 40% increase come from? (anyways, Im ordering 3 of them :), just genuinly curious) 

Edit: i just noticed, candykeys actually has a couple different prices then listed here (hiragana is 66 and extension is 37, putting it more in line with the others i gues)

best desk mats of any set hands down. In for 3


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